Twitter ejects Trump


I knew the name Donald Trump through some of his wonderfully written books like “Think Big”. That was way before he became president. The German descendant created a bigger-than-life persona in those books.

At the time, he was worth $2 billion yet he had beautiful hotels to show for it right in New York and in affluent towns like Dubai. Bill Gates was more than $80 billion richer at the same time but did not seem to have as much to show for it.

Trump made it so clear in his books that he never liked computers and never used any for his daily workload; being a tech junkie that was a very good reason to detest his writings but that was not to be.


When he became president in 2016, Trump would become the first American president to tweet more than any president who had ever existed. Trump used Twitter tweets and Facebook posts to blast anybody who ever crossed his path.

On average, Trump tweeted 13 times per day from 2009 to 2021.

According to Jack Dorsey, CEO for Twitter, the company has decided to permanently remove Trumps Twitter account because Trump used it to incite violence.


Facebook has meanwhile blocked Trump’s account for 13 days for the same reasons. By the time the account is reactivated, Trump will no longer be president of the United States (US).

Ever since Donald lost last year’s US elections, he has become a bad loser and has taken to social media to demonise anybody he wants.

These actions have drawn various reactions. While some have recommended the two companies for their tough stand on hate speech, others feel that the two companies used selective justice.

While Twitter and Facebook have punished Trump, the two tech companies continue to allow Iran’s Khamenei to call for the destruction of Israel on their platforms. Worse still, other technology companies like Amazon sell and promote Hitler’s Mein Kempf. According to Evan Cohen, former media adviser to Netanyahu, there is no fairness here.

What shall we say about these things? Has Twitter and Facebook violated trump’s freedom of speech? Not really. These are American companies that feel, like most Americans that Trump’s actions are tarnishing the US’s otherwise good democratic values.

No more tweets from Trump. As for his Facebook posts, you may have to wait until the man vacates the White House.

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