Ugandan comedians get mixed reaction


Ugandan trio of Anne Kansiime, Teacher Mpamire and Cotilda Inapo promised nothing but the best during a press conference at Ryalls Hotel in Blantyre on Friday morning ahead of their performance at College of Medicine Complex.

But the trio rated differently after their acts on Friday night with people giving high marks to Cotilda and Mpamire.

Ahead of the comedy show which attracted a huge audience, Kansiime nicknamed ‘Africa’s Queen of Comedy,’ was above Cotilda and Mpamire on ratings having impressed during her previous two outings in Lilongwe.


And thus there was so much expectation from the audience from Kansiime to bring out the best when she stepped on stage soon after Mpamire’s exploits.

But it was not to be as Kansiime lacked the punch that saw her win the hearts of many during her two previous Lilongwe outings which were exceptional.

Some of her comics tapped mostly from her personal life were dry and made people yawn.


But she was not completely out of the game as there were moments Kansiime, spotting a wig and wearing a white suit sent people into stitches having zeroed in on issues of love and blackouts the country is experiencing.

Despite having experience with the country’s audience, it was the first time for the trio to perform in the commercial city.

Cotilda, who is part of the management team for Kansiime was the first to come on stage as she also played host of the comedy show.

Just to make sure that she was in love with the Warm Heart of Africa, Cotilda hit the stage dancing to Sonye’s Tsika Msungwana.

She wriggled her body showcasing her dance moves attracting cheers from the audience.

“DJ put the music down. We did not come for a pornography show, the way you people are screaming I am beginning to doubt. And all of you men who are crossing your legs uncross them,” said Cotilda as the audience laughed.

Her comics were up to date and excited people from the word go before she later invited Mpamire.

Cotilda’s set was lively and made people laugh and she showed her creativity creating comics just by looking at people in the audience.

In her diary, she spoke of several issues from religion to love to the country’s blackouts.

Next up was Mpamire, who earlier in the morning planted two trees at Chimwankhunda Community Day Secondary alongside Member of Parliament Allan Ngumuya as part of conserving the environment.

Wearing a checked suit and carrying a briefcase plus books, he was welcomed by a chorus of cheers.

“Welcome, welcome… Welcome what?,” he said upon entry on stage.

Mpamire, who is a teacher by profession, seemed to have made a proper research as he brought into his sketch names such as Mbayani and Chemusa.

He started his session by calling upon names of some naughty students starting with Chikondi Banda from Ndirande, Yohane Chirwa from Mbayani and then Bakili Muluzi, the country’s former president.

Using his different teaching methods including the Pythagoras theorem, Mpamire talked about why Malawi was experiencing blackouts.

Using a flip chart, he said that the blackouts in the country was not Escom’s fault but rather colonialism.

In his comics he also spoke about the issues of Cashgate and Eric Aniva from Nsanje among others and named himself Teacher Mpamire Fisi, who indicated was different from Aniva’s escapades.

He also had time to hit at Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni, who he indicated has ruled the country for many years and that he was the ancestor of the nation.

With the first round done, people thought the second round would come but it was not as instead a collaboration between Kansiime and Mpamire, who changed their dressing this time came up.

It was not a tight collaboration before Kansiime later went into dancing joined by Mpamire and Cotilda and that marked the end of the comedy show.

It was an ending which did left people in suspense with some shouting kodi zatha?(has it finished?)

“I expected a lot from Anne Kansiime, I watched her in Lilongwe, she was something else but her performance tonight was low and instead Cotilda and Mpamire were good,” said Anne Belo.

But in an interview after their act, the trio said they were satisfied with their performance and hailed Blantyre fans for coming up in large numbers.

The trio performed in Blantyre by public demand courtesy of Impala Communications supported by DStv and Times Group among others.

“We are happy we managed to bring the three to Blantyre for the first time and we are sure many were happy,” said Impala’s boss Petros Mazunda.

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