Uladi Mussa to challenge Joyce Banda


People’s Party (PP) acting president, Uladi Mussa, has expressed interest in contesting as the party’s presidential candidate in 2019 elections.

Mussa said since 2014 when the party’s president, Joyce Banda, left the country, PP has been losing support.

He said that is why, upon expiry of the term of office of the current National Executive Committee (Nec) on August 28, he has decided to contest for the party’s presidency during the party’s convention.


“For the past two years, I have been asking former state president, Dr Joyce Banda, about the way forward for the party. We met in South Africa, I asked the same question. Having carefully analysed her responses and having done thorough research, I have concluded that she is not interested in contesting in 2019 elections. I have, therefore, decided to contest for the party’s presidency so that I lead it in 2019 elections. I am asking all members to support me in strengthening PP,” Mussa said.

The former ruling party held its first convention in August 2012. According to the party’s constitution, all the people who were elected to different positions are supposed to serve for five years.

The Salima South Member of Parliament said the party’s Nec will decide on the day of the convention


“The National Executive Committee will meet very soon to make a decision on when we will hold a convention. We will inform all the delegates,” Mussa said.

But People’s Party spokesperson, Noah Chimpeni, has faulted Mussa’s announcement.

“There is nothing wrong with him declaring his interest in being the party’s president. What is wrong, however, is announcing his interest a day before our National Executive Committee meeting,” Chimpeni said.

Chimpeni also said, even though the terms of office for Nec members expired, it is the party members who will eventually make a decision on when to hold a convention.

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