Unite, rise against a monster


Covid has shaken the world and no country has been spared. Even the world’s superpowers have been heavily affected by the pandemic; from losing citizens at great speed to compromising health systems and the state of the economy. A true monster.

The underlying principle behind measures like lockdown is the social responsibility of safety first and in most instances, life first. Because the virus spreads rapidly, others may deem themselves in a safer bracket from the impact of the virus if they were to contract it; however, this won’t stop them from passing it on to others that are in a riskier bracket. This makes the need for a holistic approach towards containing the virus more imperative.

This is not a time to look at only our immediate needs but to unite and realise that we are fighting a bigger common enemy and each and every country in the world is fighting; this is not a fight unique to one country or one government. We need to appreciate that each one of us has a social and moral responsibility to do their part in fighting the pandemic. We should not treat the pandemic as something only the government has to fight and manage on our behalf because it will affect each one of us. The pandemic is not choosing race or social class, it hits and everyone is susceptible to it.


Another important responsibility we have during the Covid crisis is to be diligent with information and the flow of information. Use the internet diligently; the internet has become a very important tool, with social distancing and lockdown and working from home/ in rotations at full throttle worldwide. Be informed not alarmed. Be factual not sensational. Circulate only confirmed news. Be selective and process only important and relevant news and information not unnecessary or harmful garbage. All is not lost

As much as the Covid-19 crisis has disrupted the status quo, and caused a lot of insecurity socially, professionally and financially, and as much as no single soul on planet earth would want to be on lockdown, all is not lost in times of lockdown and social distancing. First and foremost, Covid will eventually pass and life will return to a semblance of normalcy (of course with a dash, or more, of a new world order).

Meanwhile, most people will have to work from home and operate from a proper working-from-home routine with their teams, however aside from having more time to clear off other work projects and backlog; there will also be time for other things that was not previously available.


We all have those projects in our homes and personal spaces that we hardly find the time for during our usual work and social routines. This is an opportunity to work on those projects and complete them.

This is a good opportunity to educate ourselves, be it with books we have been piling up, presentations you have been meaning to go through, programmes we have been meaning to listen to, tutorials we have been meaning to watch and online courses that we now have time to concentrate on.

There is always work to be done around the compound and the house; the landscape, the garden, the garage project, the clearing the storage project and the like. Most parents will need to school their children from home and this will give parents time to bond with their children while getting a deeper understanding of their intellectual development as well as their kids natural and learning habits through-out the day.

Most families hardly have time to do simple activities together like prepare and enjoy a good meal, watch a good movie, play games, clean the house and the like; this gives families the opportunity to bond in a way that is usually difficult to attain with the usual work and school routines.

Get creative. Get innovative. There are people who are already benefitting from the crisis, they have quickly devised ways to be helpful, to make money, to come up with innovations during the crisis. There are always opportunities in crisis and what is important is to focus on what can be done than what can’t be done. We can be innovative in our homes, at our workplaces and in society.

Let’s unite and rise against the monster.

I rest my case.

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