Unsettling waters the Med C, Onesimus way


One is still a teenager and is figuring out his way in the music industry while the other is an adult and fully established in the industry but they all seem to be united for the wrong reason; being ‘short-fused’ which more often than not, has seen them hogging the limelight for the wrong reasons.

That is how one can best describe the recent wave created after Medson Kapeni (Med C), a relative novice in music industry parted ways with the company that was managing him, Magic Fingers Entertainment and Onesimus (born Sopani Armstrong Kalua), a one-time gospel artist-cum-RnB star who continues to have conflicting signals, in as far as his onstage relationship with music fans is concerned.

Starting off with Med C, he is on record to have told our sister paper The Daily Times that he does not know why Magic Fingers Entertainment severed ties with him despite its director Tiwonge Mhango indicating that the artist was difficult to deal with.


“I didn’t do any wrong, the only thing I can recall is that I asked for money from the director since I had a problem at home and this was after he had sent in money to help in shooting a music video. I actually apologised for the inconvenience because I had no choice,” he said.

Med C said the next thing from the director (Tiwonge Mhango) was a message that “you should get another management team”.

Now, many people would recall that this is not the first time the young artist has had a fall-out with those tasked with managing his blossoming career. Before Magic Fingers stepped up to the challenge, Med C had been riding solo. This was because he had parted ways with fellow artist Patience Namadingo. Magic Fingers Entertainment took over the management of Med C after he parted ways with Namartist, led by Namadingo.


Namadingo, who had actually been instrumental in exposing him to the public and at the time even used his influence as a brand ambassador of certain commercial bank to land him a financial package for his support.

During that time, a lot of people gave Med C the benefit of the doubt and even took the high road to point accusatory fingers on Namadingo, blaming him for letting the boy down. Well, I guess he must be having the last laugh now, considering how things have panned out for Med C and Magic Fingers Entertainment.

“I can’t say much but I am just worried that we have parted ways when there are so many songs for me to release,” he said.

Apparently, he has 30 songs that were ready for the market.

“The title of the album is Nde Mwamva? It has been produced by BFB, Dramos and Martin Angels. It will be hard for me to push all this alone but I just leave everything as it is and hope for the best,” he said.

Much as the young chap seems to be downcast in light of these developments, but a lot of people now believe it could be that Med C himself is the problem, considering that he has changed two managers within a short period and the parting in both instances appear to have been induced by the young man’s behaviour and attitude.

For instance, Magic Fingers Entertainment’s Tionge Mhango described Med C as talented but maintained that the artist was difficult to deal with.

“There is so much that has happened but I don’t want to get into all those details. At the moment I would just say that he is not yet ready to work with Magic Fingers Entertainment. He still needs to value his talent and safeguard it and at the same time appreciate those that want him to grow,” he said.

Mhango said there was so much he had lined up to nurture Med C’s talent but ended up being disappointed.

“I do not want to mess his future; he is talented for sure but, for now, as I said, he is not ready to work with us,” Mhango said.

We would not want to unnecessarily crucify the boy, considering that every human being has his or her flaws. However, what is coming out clear is that he needs to get his act together and keep his feet firmly on the ground in as far as management of his career is concerned otherwise he might end up alienating those that would want to propel him into a top star.

Enter Onesimus. Being an established musician whose exploits cut beyond borders, Onesimus lately has not endeared himself much to the local fans due to issues on the sage when performing. For starters, he grabbed headlines after kicking a fan and later apologised but as if that was not enough, he was at it again recently when he had a thing or two to say about ‘stingy’ men. He was whisked off stage after it rained beer bottles and boos at a show held in Lilongwe where he picked on the ‘stingy’ men in the audience, branding them ‘useless’ for not spoiling their wives or girlfriends.

He however was quick to issue an apology through his social media page in the aftermath of the incident.

“I realise that my jokes hurt some of you and I am sorry about that. We all make mistakes from which we will learn from. This is one of mine. I should have done better knowing the difficulties at hand,” it read in part.

The artist, who now prefers to call himself ‘African butter’ ought to mind how he behaves and interact with his audience once on stage, bearing in mind that the stunts he is pulling on that stage might end up soiling his reputation.

If only established acts such as Onesimus can keep a good watch on their behaviour, then surely they might set a good example for the likes of Med C and probably help them to keep a balanced head.

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