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In Chichewa there is an adage which says “kumayenda nkumawona agalu amichombo” (you must travel to see the wonders of the world).

I had all the reasons to believe in this old adage the moment I set my foot on the soil of Morocco here in Agadir, a coastal town that lies about 430 kilometres from Casablanca.

It is a fact that economically, Morocco is miles ahead of Malawi. To compare the two would be sacrilegious.


But it would be foolish for our football administrators, who have been invited by the Morocco Football Federation, to return home empty-headed in as far as football administration is concerned.

According to Football Association of Malawi (Fam) President, Walter Nyamilandu, they signed a Memorandum of Understanding with their counterparts, which involves exchange visits of its members.

This is so what Malawian football administrators and all other stakeholders (the press inclusive) can borrow a leaf from their Moroccan counterparts.


It is, therefore, imperative that Malawian administrators, and of course a government representative who is on the delegation, must remember that they have not just come here to admire the sounds and sights of Morocco but to acquire knowledge and skills on how to administer the game.

It is a fact that Morocco has spent millions of dollars hosting bloated delegations from Malawi, Kenya, Mauritania, Togo and Niger hoping that at the end of the day, these people will learn something from them.

Politics aside, Morocco is a model in Africa in as far as football administration is concerned and if one cannot learn anything from them then he or she certainly needs psychiatric attention.

Our administrators should know that Morocco Football Federation cannot be foolish to spend all this money only to see its beneficiaries still retarded. Such opportunities are rare and when they avail themselves, there is need to make use of them.

This is a country which will also build a multi-billion kwacha football academy in Lilongwe.

However, for the past quarter of the century I have been in the tranches reporting football, I have noticed that envy and ignorance are the major problems in Malawi football and the nation as well. Even quarks and upstarts become reasonable and intelligent.

But personally, I have no qualms with that because I know that in a country where poverty and ignorance are the order of the day, you anticipate such things from most of the sectors of society, and football cannot be spared.

So the seminar today, where football administrators will be brainstorming on the problems rocking their regional leagues need to bear fruits and Malawi delegation needs to be serious.

It is easy to attend such seminars but to implement what you have learnt becomes difficult. This is where Fam needs to do serious monitoring of the performance of regional league leaders who have benefitted from this first exchange visit.

Otherwise, there is need to improve our football management from the grassroots.

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