UTM lawyers finish cross-examining Sam Alfandika


UTM lawyers have finished cross-examining first witness of the Malawi Electoral Commission (Mec) Sammy Alfandika.

Alfandika who is Mec Chief Elections Officer is expected to be cross-examined by Malawi Congress Party lawyers today.

UTM legal counsel Bright Theu, who also cross-examined Alfandika, said they have so far established a lot from Alfandika.


“The cross-examination went well, they were specific points that we wanted to establish and we got them. There are two aspects to the way that he responded to questions in my assessment, the first is either ignorance of procedures or to simply confess ignorance and the reason for all that was to scheme the narrative of what happened.

“For example, I was taking him on why he insists that any changes to any statistical part in the records have nothing to do with the candid vote. Imagine if a centre received 2, ,000 ballot papers in the morning after voting you find out 500 ballot papers had been used,” he said.

Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale has also said the cross-examination went well and that the witness will elaborate more during re-examination.


“It went on well. All the tough questions have to be asked and all the tough answers have to be given so today was one of the major days people have to tell the public what happened,” he said.

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