Vendors turn Ntcheu toilet into warehouse


Poor storage at Ntcheu bus depot is forcing vendors doing their business in the depot to store foodstuffs in toilet structures.

A visit at the premises yesterday morning found vendors removing foodstuffs from the toilet structure at the bus depot

The vendors are storing their merchadise in a room adjacent to the toilets since the main store room is closed earlier.


Chairperson for the depot Lovemore Kamtsitsi confirmed the development saying the behaviour is a threat to their businesses.

“It is true that some vendors store foodstuffs inside the toilet structure in a room not meant for food storage, such practice will be a threat to our business since it will be hard for travellers to buy foodstuffs from us,” Kamtsitsi said.

He urged all people who conduct business inside the depot to use the designated store room which is at a distance from the toilet aimed at observing hygiene practices.


In his remarks, Ntcheu District Commissioner Smart Gwedemula expressed concern with the malpractice saying the council will not tolerate such gross unhygienic practice happening in the depot.

He revealed that the depot has a store room in which sellers conducting business inside the depot are supposed to store all foodstuffs when knocking off from their businesses.

“Such conduct should stop immediately since we have a warehouse where all merchandise are supposed to be stored not in a toilet building,” Gwedemula said.

Gwedemula threatened to terminate the contract with the toilet operator if the trend continues, saying the council has all the authority to do so.

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