Wailing Brothers revived


Remember the group known as Wailing Brothers? This is a group which was started in the early 1990s by late Elias Chokani.

The group has been out of the picture for years now but Black Missionaries’ members Takudziwani and Paul Chokani have decided to revive Wailing Brothers and have even moved in fast to announce that they will be releasing an album.

This has thus brought in speculations from some quarters that reggae group Black Missionaries has split.


This also comes on the backdrop of some people saying that Black Missionaries has been sidelining the Chokani Brothers which has also been highlighted through the Kuimba albums’ covers where the faces of lead vocalist Anjiru, bassist Peter Amidu and keyboardist Chizondi Fumulani stand out.

But Takudziwani, who is a lead vocalist, said Wednesday that Black Missionaries was intact and that they have not broken up with their colleagues.

“Through Wailing Brothers, we want to continue the project that has been there before.


The thing is Wailing Brothers has been busy helping lots of musicians here in Malawi when you talk of reggae music. So we want to continue with this and let me say it again that this is not a break up,” said Taku.

Anjiru yesterday also said he was surprised with the speculations of the break-up.

“It’s news to me, Black Missionaries is intact and it’s a lie that we have broken up,” said Anjiru.

Anjiru said he was aware of the revival of Wailing Brothers but he said this does not mean that they have broken up.

“Wailing Brothers will be doing it the same way Anthony Makondetsa does, producing their own albums as well as holding performances but we are members of one family,” he said.

Takudziwani said Wailing Brothers was the starting point of the whole mission and that through this platform they just want to bring in something different apart from the mission from Black Missionaries.

Asked how this will work out in the event that Black Missionaries and Wailing Brothers have shows in different places, Takudziwani said:

“I don’t think there will be that collision, we will try as much as possible to handle the two properly otherwise there is nothing like having a tough time. We are here on earth to work hard and I don’t think you get what you want by waiting for someone, you have to fight for this is what God wants us to do,” he said.

Taku said their plan is to succeed, give people the original sound and work on collaborations with international acts as well as give a platform to upcoming talent.

Wailing Brothers was a band which used to have members Elias Chokani, Evison Matafale, Michael Jana and Kingsley Chikaphupha, Chambota Chirwa,

Taku, Paul, Romeo and Johan Kanjunjunju.

But who are the othermembers of the new Wailing Brothers?

“There is Chiku, myself and Drag who will be doing vocals.

The other members are Gift, Paul Marco, Harold and Chambota,” he said.

Taku said they want to nurture talent of upcoming artists by associating with them adding that he and his brother Paul have come a long way and that it was time for them to teach and give back to the young people.

“We are happy despite our busy schedules we were able to come up with an album titled Unfinished Project which was recorded at JK Studios by Uze Uganda. So we will be performing new songs. One of the music videos is done and will soon start airing,” he said.

According to Taku, Wailing Brothers started in the early 1990s by Elias Chokani when they were young then and that by then to them guitars looked bigger.

“Drums were too many to handle but we were able to play them. Saxophonist Dan Sibale was the keyboardist then and we performed in a number of festivals such as Reggae by Foot organised by Mr Entertainer, Jai Banda,

Kachamba Memorial shows by Elba Promotions and Malawi Gin Music Trophy among others,” explained Taku.

He went on to say that WailingBrothers did their first recording with Studio K by Dean Khoza and that late Evison was the lead vocalist.

“At that time songs were not promoted fully because we had one radio station and the band was not playing local reggae.”

“We moved on and because of studies, we used to meet during holidays. Then late

Evison left for Zimbabwe and Elias went to South Africa,” said Taku.

He said Elias met Evison later in Zimbabwe on his way back and with things getting tough, he asked late Evison to return home and revive Wailing Brothers and it was then that he composed Olakwa Ndani.

Paul, who is a drummer, said there was no break-up with Black Missionaries.

“I am surprised that when me and Taku want to work on some project people rush to say a lot of things but other musicians are doing it. For us we just thought of being on our own as brothers so that reggae music carries more weight,” he said.

The soft-spoken artist said they are continuing a mission their late brother Elias started and that when he was establishing the group, he wanted them to go far with music.

“We just want t o be recognised as well that as brothers we can also do it and there is nothing wrong working on different projects so people will always talk,” said Paul.

Wailing Brothers will hold their first performance on November 26 at Jacaranda in

Mzuzu during what is dubbed Evison Matafale Memorial concert.

Other artists set to perform at the show include Toza Matafale, Moda Fumulani, Humble Soul, Selekta Rokaz and DJ Yamz.

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