Waiting with hope


The august house is filled to capacity. Our honourable representatives are smartly dressed. The women are looking fabulous if not flamboyant. The atmosphere is obviously electric. There is pomp and ceremony.

Yeah, this is the sitting that will determine the course of the nation for the next 12 months. The table is set. The cake of the nation is to be cut in pieces. I am interested with my part too as an artist and citizen of this nation.



At this point in time, I am still meditating on the State of the Nation address. Yeah, you heard me right country folks, I am still trying to figure out everything with a positive mind. I am always optimistic that everything will be alright in this nation that flows with milk and honey.

Yeah for the next nine weeks, the house will look and debate. I hope this will be a sober sitting as the nation is on the move to greater prosperity. Some may not be as optimistic as I am. I know some are prophets of doom in this nation. I know some are always looking for shortfalls if not mistakes.

I know the memories of the plunder of public resources at Capital Hill are still fresh. I know we have sung the Cashgate song for so long a time now and we hope all those involved will be answerable.


I know it well too that where there is money, justice is silenced. Ask our artists, they will tell you that pomwe pali ndalama, chilungamo chimakhala chete. And Billy Kaunda ably puts it that osauka alibe mau!

But still, we, the people are still full of hope and new dreams.

The allocation of public resources needs to consider all of us. Yeah, the Department of Culture is allocated the least on the budget.

Maybe this time around, the song will change. Maybe.


I like the current implementation of reform policies. I know that change comes with a cost. I know that some people do not want change. I know that change in whatever form will still become a reality. No one can stop the movement of change. Life is always changing. So, too our lifestyle and how we survive.

This also calls for our artists to move with the reforms as advocated by this new administration.

Gone are the days when artists lived from hand to mouth. Gone are the days of struggle. Gone are the days of exploitation. These are the days of progress and prosperity.


So, the reality as of now, at this august house is that of hope. Yeah, hope. Let us all hope for the better considering that this nation belongs to all of us. This is our home.

We have witnessed the tragedy of seeking greener pastures outside our country. We have seen how hundreds of our brothers and sisters have been chased and hunted down like beasts in South Africa. We have seen that their lives are at stake and hanging on a balance. The sad reality is that life down South Africa was better during the apartheid era. Yeah, countryfolks, this is yet another sad story of Africa.

I fear for my fellow artists who are still working in South Africa. I am spending sleepless nights for my artists who are down South Africa ,countryfolks.


This is a call for support. A call to the authorities to consider the cultural sector or creative industries in this nation. This is a call for resource mobilisation for arts and culture as we all know that there will never be a meaningful human development without culture.

I hope that this budget meeting will bring joy to all of us. Gone are the days when such a meeting would be full of noise and fights. Gone are the days when honourable members would be insulting each other using unparliamentary language. Gone are the days of handclapping too and pursuing political vanity.

Aluta continua…

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