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Wake up DPP, kudos Kamuzu’s family!


The Democratic Progressive Party-led (DPP) government needs to seriously revisit its priorities.

When the late Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda is referred to as Malawi’s founding father, he is just that: a father and founder of the Malawi nation, hence all Malawians not necessarily those of the Malawi Congress Party.

The DPP’s absence at the Kamuzu Day memorial service, despite the invitation, is a clear indication that this government has ‘better’ things to do.


Is it not really embarrassing that, even with all the years of enjoyment of Kamuzu’s work for the country, there is still some resistance by the DPP in appreciating the foundations that the Ngwazi laid?

In other countries such as Tanzania, the late Julius Nyerere, who was a president as well, has a lot of work celebrated by the whole country and not just a selected few.

What is even more bothering is that the DPP claim they did not show up because their presence would have meant politicising the event.


This is a ridiculous excuse. This is pure disrespect for the man who fought hard for the country’s liberation from the jaws of colonialism.

DPP needs a shaking when it comes to taking lead on issues of national interest. Kamuzu Day is of national interest and it is high time, as argued elsewhere, the government took over the functions surrounding the day.

Meanwhile, it is pleasing to note that the Kamuzu family made the commemorations open for all who wanted to attend in remembrance of the Ngwazi and his life.

Again, having the commemorations in Mzuzu has shown that the day is indeed for all Malawians as not only was Kamuzu a national figure but preached unity throughout his leadership.

And one wishes DPP would also take note of this undisputed fact.

DPP should not act as a rebellious teenage child that has to be forced out of bed just to do what are obvious day-to-day duties.

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