Wasteful circus


With Madalitso Musa:

The next five days, Malawi Electoral Commission (Mec) will treat us to that grand carnival when those hustling to have access to the public purse dress up in grandeur to present papers of declaration that they are ready to be the top looter.

The ceremony, useless as I deem it, leaves me baffled why it has to take place every five years. The whole pomp and funfair and the wastage of resources irritate me. It makes no sense that the whole town should come to a standstill simply because some hopefuls for the top job are presenting nomination papers. The traffic jams and the madness of party rogues are things we can avoid if Mec had no curious love for useless ceremonies.


I would rather the presidential hopefuls one by one walk to Mec offices to present their papers other than subjecting us to that circus at Comesa. After all, it is not like any of those we waste time and resources to glorify have an iota of idea of how to change the nation’s fortunes. We are just wasting money on glorifying the next executive thief who will lead a gang of looters.

It is annoying and an insult to the nation’s soul that those who have nothing to offer the country should have all that confidence to seek election and reelection. If we were to come up with the list of scandals and the crookedness these people offering themselves for the top job, one can easily tell that we are a joke of a nation where everyone, even those high on illegal stuff, believe they are the next thing to happen to the nation.

Last week, there was in the newspaper, a story that reeked of corruption at the Department of Immigration where we learnt that a mere belt was pegged at a staggering price of K100, 000. Let us not mince words here. Our country is rotten and our leaders are accomplices to grand national heist. Actually, these crooks we call leaders and waste honorifics on should just be called by their real name: thieves.


It is congenital naivety to think that all these stinking corruption takes place without the knowledge of someone at the top, Because we are made to be afraid and that those in power have resorted to using intimidating tactics we have chosen to cower while they are busy stealing from us.


It is not devilish that someone should be stealing billions through dubious deals while some little souls are sent to the grave after a classroom wall collapsed on them? I feel mocked that these people should be coming with all the confidence to ask me for a vote. It is utter demeaning that someone who has failed to fulfill half of what he or she promised a while ago should be coming to me with more promises some of which are ridiculous and can only be made someone who is thorough demented.

Over three decades that I have been around, reality has dawned on me that what we call elections are actually glorified races for those with a passion to steal from the nation. The truth is that the 20 candidates we have are front men pushed by some mafias who have sinister intentions.

On May 21 Malawi has two choices: Either to give the old crooks another license to loot or to usher in another team of thieves. But the results are the same. If you were to ask me I will tell you that after May 21 we will be the same pathetic country that we have been and that we are. Because of this, I vehemently refuse to join the Mec’s wasteful circus.

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