We do no worship idols


When this frothful carnival finally closes, brother

When your drumming veins dry, these very officers

Will burn the scripts of the praises we sang to you


And shatter the calabashes you drank from. Your

Charms, these drums , and the effigies blazing will

Become the accomplices to your lie-achieved world!


Your bamboo hut on the beach they’ll make a bonfire

Under the cover of giving their hero a traditional

Burial, though in truth to rid themselves of another

Deadly spirit that might have otherwise have haunted them

And at the wake new mask dancers will quickly leap

Into the arena dancing to the tighter skins, boasting

Other clans of calabashes as the undertakers jest

What did he think he would become, a God? The devil!

— When This Carnival Finally Closes—Jack Mapanje

Time has a fantastic way of dealing with people who have a way to the path of illusion and dive in the mirage of being gods.

Who, in this life, ever thought Adolf Hitler, would be another chapter in the narration of existence? Who would have thought that today, our ladies would be wearing the then abhorred pants and miniskirts other than being imprisoned in maxis and al? Time, as I have always said, time is a savage and will always find a way to sashay us at its fancy. This must be a tired refrain from me as much as the confession is. That is how tired and boring our leaders are.

This country has all it takes to be one of the finest and richest. We have failed to make it such because of what I must say, without apology, our weakness to stand up and say it as it.

We have elevated weak minds to positions that need guile and grit; we have spent honorifics on thieves and bandits. We genuflect for people we must not.

This country, we must say belongs to all of us. Are we that timid and less-self-believing that we must allow some people to make us feel low?

Let us say it with all honesty that some of the people we waste our honorifics on are not worth it. We must be honest if we are to correct this country. When we look at the cabinet that has just been put, are we serious that it is worth our tax?

Come, as the Book says, reason together. We are all being liars and all that we are employing are tactics to get us the next meal. This country, needs salvation as it has to take huge sacrifice.

Why must some people think they have all the say over our lives? Do we have to adopt gods? No.

Malawi has been in stagnation because we are too afraid, too afraid to be real. These people we fear most are just as humans as you and me.

When we make laws, we make them that all of must obey. Must we be held captive by a man? We must refuse to worship idols.

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