‘We have never used Giddes for our gain’

Giddes departing for USA

Recently legendary musician Giddes Chalamanda was afforded a rare reggae mash-up with Patience Namadingo adding to the several other mash-ups that Namadingo has done. Giddes’ mash-up with Namadingo has opened opportunities as FDH Bank announced through its ambassador, Namadingo, that they will open a grocery or him.

The remaining K500,000 was channelled to Giddes’ mash-up performance.

The musician is also expected to be a Banki Pakhomo agent for FDH Bank.


Giddes is one of the artists in the country, who has served the nation well with his talent and even at 90 years old, the legendary musician is still performing.

Although Namadingo had announced that Giddes was now a retired musician owing to his old age and that he should now make money through the grocery that FDH Bank will build – a musician does not retire even in his old age.

Giddes once said that he will continue to sing and that his music will only take to a halt after he passes on.


The mash-up gave an opportunity to Giddes to show the best of his talent by collaborating with Namadingo in some of his songs in. The coordination in the mash-up was good and despite Giddes, advanced age he was able to blend with Namadingo, who he calls grandson in the music video.

In the mash-up, interview Giddes’ wife Abiti Alfred made a claim that his friends, who used to star with him had dumped him.

Social media picked it and some quarters hit at Edgar ndi Davis, who have been starring with the legendary musician for failing to take care of him.

But despite Edgar ndi Davis Band led by lawyers cum musicians Edgar Kachere and Davis Njobvu getting a beating on social media over the issue, Njobvu, said they have always loved Giddes and that they were happy that Namadingo and FDH had come in to support him.

“Giddes is alive, well and lives in Chiradzulu; all people of goodwill can reach out to him and support him in any way they like. We shouldn’t really dwell on who has done what, where etc. Let each person who purports to love Giddes show how much they love him by doing something for him. At the same time, we thank God for the music, our lives and talent,” Njobvu said.

Kachere said they have never used Giddes for anything in anyway.

“When we met him, we had already produced albums Wazelezeka and Musamabwele Kumudzi. One of the objectives for which we chose to do traditional guitar music over the genres of R& B, reggae etc was with the aim of giving artists like Giddes a platform using our influence and resources,” he said.

Kachere said they helped Giddes and other acts to bring them to the audience on a bigger platform like Lake of Stars and many other festivals beyond anything they could have ever managed.

“We are priviledged to have worked with not just Giddes but also the late Stonald Lungu, Lucky Stars and many others. We did not like the fact that they could only perform in bars and be given 20 kwachas per song by imbibers,” he said.

Kachere, who has played frontline in vocals with Njobvu, said with their coming onto the scene, Giddes has had more shows and that he has earned a lot compared to other artists of his time.

“There are other earnings like royalties from Copyright Society of Malawi (Cosoma) which we always make sure he gets,” he said.

On allegations that they could have done more in improving life of Giddes, Kachere said that’s subjective.

“Firstly, I feel that we have done the best we can as a duo, using our connections and personal resources to expose him and sustain his music, both nationally and worldwide, “he said.

Kachere described Edgar ndi Davis as not a full band.

“We don’t have frequent performances and hence one cannot say we make money from music. And even when we have the shows, Davis and I, many times, end up spending our personal money on transport and accommodation but we always ensure that Giddes and the band get paid from whatever we receive from the shows despite our deficits,” he said.

The duo described Giddes as a family member to them and that they always share with him whatever they can.

Kachere said having made so many performances with him, they were happy to have fulfilled Giddes’ dream of going to United States of America (USA) just as he sings in the song ‘Buffalo Soldier’, which was originally done by reggae maestro Bob Marley.

“The nation supported us in many ways in that project for Giddes to realise the dream. During that trip, as Edgar ndi Davis, we used our personal resources for ourselves and members of our band. But all the same, we are happy that our quest for corporate recognition and assistance is now taking shape, for instance, looking at what FDH Bank has done,” he said.

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