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We need our president, not party supporters


Every time the head of state returns from an important foreign trip such as the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), we expect to be kept abreast on how our president represented us. This is supposed to be through a press briefing where journalists also take advantage to ask some questions pertaining to the going-ons in the country.

Ideally, the press briefings are supposed to be some cordial albeit frank statement then question —and— answer session between the head of state and representatives of the people he governs; the media. But regrettably, what were meant to be press briefings are often turned into some party rallies where the president—or whoever—invites some rowdy party supporters.

Last time the President returned from the UNGA, his purported press briefing was nasty. It was a savage gathering that defeated the essence of a function where a leader was supposed to inform his subjects on how he represented them.


Three years ago when President Peter Mutharika was selling himself to Malawians, he made a promise that at no time will he allow party supporters at a media briefing. But thr ee years later, the President has not lived to the promise. Just like it was at the previous return from UNGA, presidential press briefings have become exactly what they are not supposed to be.

The Media Institute of Southern Africa- Malawi Chapter has gotten it right and it is timely to remind the DPP that its supporters are unwelcome at the expected press briefing when the President returns. Actually, it is sheer hubris for Minister of Information, Nicholas Dausi, to respond with a petty promise that they will look into the matter. It is not like anyone is begging here. The truth is that our president—who is our most senior servant—owes us an explanation because he lives on our ticket.

It is impossible for every Malawian to pose or post a question to the President that is why journalists take up that huge responsibility in the name of the press briefings. The noisy supporters do nothing but disturb not only the President but the function of dialogue between a leader and his people.


So, all we are saying is that Mutharika should live by the promise he made and make sure that no party supporter is allowed into a civilised occasion like the press briefing.

As a nation, we vehemently refuse to allow our leader’s voice to be muffled by the din of uncouth party zealots.

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