Well-wishers bail out abandoned family


Following an exposure in The Daily Times’ Friday Shaker of the plight of 12-year-old ‘father’ Rafik Hara— who is taking care of four of ‘his’ children because their mother, Faidah Chivuta, has been sick since 2016— some well-wishers have paid the mother’s medical bills.

Chivuta’s leg had a tumour that had to be operated on. She finally had the tumour operation at Wezi Medical Centre in Mzuzu City and was discharged on Monday.

Speaking immediately after surgery, Chivuta could not withhold tears of joy after undergoing a successful operation.


“When I was entering the theater doors, I had no fear. Doctors got all the needed tests and they told me that I was normal.

“I couldn’t believe that I was holding such a big tumour in my leg. God should bless those that came to my rescue,” Chivuta said.

Wezi Medical Centre Director Dauglas Lungu said the tumour, was big enough to cause the patient pain.


“We are a community hospital premised on helping the community. We are not interested in maximising profits but maximising service and using economies of scale to make healthcare services accessible,” Lungu said.

Some of the well-wishers who supported Chivuta include Mulezi Health Trust, which settled part of the medical bills by contributing K300,000.

Before the operation, Chivuta was taken for a CT Scan at Discovery Image Centre in Lilongwe, which cost K350,000.

This bill was shared by Marymount Alumni 2000, By the Rivers Family, Police Online Magazine, Emmanuel for all Ministry and individuals.

Rafik, who was collecting empty bottles and selling them to fend for the family, said he was happy that he could now concentrate on his education because his mother would now take over.

Rafik’s sister Rebecca is now fancying her chances in primary school.

“God should bless those that helped our mother. We can now concentrate on classes,” Rebacca said.

Meanwhile, Chivuta has said she is ready to restart her small-scale business of selling tomatoes and fruits once she recovers fully.

Chivuta’s husband abandoned the family during the early days of the wife’s sickness.

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