Wendy Harawa to get 2020 UMP Lifetime Achievement Award

WENDY—I am encouraged to work even more

Musician, dancer and event organiser Wendy Harawa is the recipient of this year’s Urban Music People (UMP) Lifetime Achievement Music Award.

Lifetime Achievement Music Award is a special UMP award given to individuals or entities which have made outstanding contributions to the growth of urban music and arts in the country.

UMP Awards Executive Producer Ken Zizwa described Wendy as an enduring household name in Malawi music circles.


“She has been around for 17 years in the music industry. She has pushed beyond the supposed boundaries of an urban female musician to stamp her mark as a giant of Malawi music,” Zizwa said.

He said Wendy has inspired a generation of female musicians to follow their dreams in a male dominated industry.

“She has done it with grace, diligence and her talents are recognised beyond Malawi. We are proud to be associated with this daughter of Malawi,” Zizwa said.


Wendy said yesterday she is honoured to be recognised for her contribution in Malawi urban music.

“I am encouraged to work even more and I feel blessed. There is still a lot of work to do to push female artists but we will get there,” she said.

On what she would want to be remembered with in the industry, the musician said: “I wouldn’t be in a right position to say how I want to be remembered. I am just a person who has fought for change in Malawi music industry.”

The musician is now into gospel music having turned born again Christian. Under Major 1 Records, Wendy who was at one-time a household dancehall queen, is now using her talents to minister the word of God.

“I am currently working on establishing myself as a gospel musician. Much as I maybe an established musician, I consider myself as a newcomer in the gospel circles because the old chapter is closed,” she said.

“I am also working and promoting young talents. I have actually discovered a talented girl in Karonga and so, people should look out for her,” she said.

Wendy has five albums to her credit and they are Noah, Hero, Africa, Nalliah and a recent gospel album Mundisunge Ndinu.

The musician who started singing at a tender age has made a name for herself and collaborated with several other acts including legendary musician Soldier Lucius Banda.

In 2003, Wendy released her first solo track titled ‘Ndakana’ but her breakthrough was ‘Unalonjeza’ which she released in 2004.

Besides her solo career, Wendy has worked with Lucius Banda in a number of songs including ‘Okondedwa Wanga’ and ‘Wandidolola’ as well as Lulu in ‘Sindilichoncho’.

Wendy also collaborated with Lulu and Nigerian gospel musician Jimmy D Psalmist in the song ‘Chisomo’.

The artist recently also released a new track ‘I Believe’ which he collaborated with Lulu.

Previous UMP Lifetime Achievement awardees are veteran promoter Jai Banda, Lucius Banda, Tapps Bandawe, Oscar Thomson, late Mafunyeta, late Vic Marley, Dynamike and Black Life Entertainment.

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