What an irresponsible government!


Self enrichment, corruption and greed have reached platinum levels under the DPP government. The vice now sees no boundaries (literally) as it has crossed border into Zambia.

Here is the situation. 6.5 million Malawians are on the brink of death as they face starvation due to the fact that the country did not harvest enough maize last year.

The incompetent DPP government blames weather conditions when the real reason is its lack of creativity to deal with the changing weather patterns through initiatives such as irrigation as other countries in torrid and drier weather conditions have done and they include Israel.


But this is beside the point today. Rather the issue is 6.5 million Malawians facing death and how some characters in the DPP government have taken advantage of the situation to enrich themselves at their expense.

Government has guaranteed for Admarc to borrow $34 million (About K26 billion) from PTA bank to import maize to feed the 6.5 million Malawians.

But instead of Admarc buying straight from the Zambian Cooperation Federation (ZCF) at $215 per tonne, the parastatal dubiously opted to buy from the same through an agent called Kaloshe Commuter and Courier Limited which has raised the price to $345 per tonne.


In fact, Kaloshe is buying from the same ZCF at $215 and reselling to Admarc at $345. The difference is a whopping $11 million dollars (about K10 billion)

Admarc must repay the loan to PTA Bank at an interest and to recover the money they have pegged the price of maize at K12,500 per 50 kilogramme bag which is way beyond the reach of many Malawians.

As if to prove this right, private traders are selling maize at cheaper price than Admarc. This is the first time this has happened in Malawi.

Minister of Agriculture George Chaponda celebrated the fact that Malawians are now flocking to private traders and hoped that when they exhaust their stock, buyers will go back to Admarc to buy the expensive maize.

Two key questions are: Why has Admarc taken this expensive route that has the net effect of punishing the poor Malawian to die of hunger and why was Chaponda so rush in commending Admarc for selling the life saving maize to Malawians at an expensive price?

Dear Malawians, there is something dubious here. We might be seeing fraud and corruption right in the face.

After Daily Times exposed this fraud last week, Admarc chief executive officer Foster Mulumbe on Friday hastily gathered journalists and told them that the contract with Kaloshe was terminated in June, 2016 without the firm supplying a single bag of maize.

It turns out this was one hell of a fat blue lie as documentary evidence suggest that Admarc continues to deal with this company.

In fact Admarc refused to deal with ZCF without Kalokoshe.

Once again, dear Malawians, the question is: why the apparent cover up?

In civilized countries under responsible governments this matter would have meant suspensions and immediate investigation to find out the whole truth.

Mulumbe and Chaponda would not have been in office by now to pave way for the probe.

Here President Peter Mutharika is looking the other way. The body empowered to investigate corruption and fraud, the ACB, is sitting on the fence. It is says it is waiting for someone to complain.

But ACB is just playing to the script the DPP government under Mutharika has written about corruption and it is to look the other and pretend all is fine.

The DPP will treat this scandal as they have done with the K577 billion corruption one which is to sweep it under the carpet.

But as a citizen, I call upon President to do his duty for once and stop the corruption which is so pervasive in his government.

Malawians have suffered enough under this irresponsible and callous government.

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