What to know about Saturday’s Fam elections


Football Association of Malawi (Fam) will today hold its elective general meeting at Sunbird Nkopola in Mangochi District.

Topping the agenda are elections, including for the post of the presidency that has attracted incumbent Walter Nyamilandu, Willy Yabwanya Phiri and Wilkins Mijiga.

Football is a sport loved by millions in the country, but Fifa statutes demand that only those affiliated to local football associations (FAs) should be eligible to vote.


It is on this premise that only 36 electorates drawn from Fam’s affiliates will decide the Fam leadership today.

Each affiliate has a prescribed number of votes, with the Super League of Malawi contributing the highest eight electorates.

Malawi News gives in detail a line up of the who and who at the elections.


Meet Fam affiliates to vote

(a) The Super League of Malawi

(b) The Northern Region Football Association

(c) The Central Region Football Association

(d) The Southern Region Football Association

(e) The National Women Football Association

(f) The National Youth Football Association

(g) The National Coaches Association

(h) The National Referees Association

(i) The Beach Soccer National Association

The actual voters

The following is the list of delegates to the elections: Raphael Humba (chairperson), William Gowelo (member), Daud Mtathiko (treasurer), Rajab Namalaka (vice-treasurer), George Pagaja (general secretary, Tiziona Banda (member)-Southern Region Football Association).

Severia Chalira (chairperson), Lina Mtegha (general secretary),- National Women’s Football Association.

Kondwani Gondwe (chairperson) Leonard Mazombwe (member)-Beach Soccer Association.

Patrick Kapanga (chairperson), Chris Kalichero (general secretary)- National Referees Association.

Mabvuto Missi (chairperson) Chimango Munthali (vice-general secretary).-National Youth Football Association.

Jommo Ngonga (chairperson), Benjamin Kumwenda (general secretary)-National Coaches Association, Innocent Botomani (chairperson), Williams Banda (general secretary), Tiyanjane Somba-Banda (treasurer), Captain Gilbert Mitawa (legal advisor), Godfrey Makawano (member), Aggrey Khonje (member) Lt. Col. Elvis Mwase (member), Charles Manyungwa (member)-Super League of Malawi

Lameck Khonje (chairperson), Andrew Phiri (member), Chauka Mwasinga (treasurer), Fumbani Gondwe (member), Alfred Gunda (general secretary),Patel Kaunda (vice-general secretary)-Northern Region Football Association.

Austin Ajawa (chairperson), Pyson Likagwa (treasurer), Bernard Harawa (general secretary), Winston Katendema (member), CharlesKapichi(vice- chairman) Tifa Ngoma vice-treasurer.—Central Region Association

How they will vote

Elections shall be conducted by secret ballot, unless the number of candidates is equal to the number of vacancies. Then the election may be conducted by acclamation.

The chairperson of the electoral committee [Justice Dingiswayo Madise] shall explain in detail the voting procedure (urn, ballot papers, valid and invalid ballot papers, count, required majorities, results etc.) and cite any relevant statutory or legislative provisions.

  1. The chairman of the electoral committee calls in turn each affiliate of FAM general assembly who has the right to vote and invites him to the election is taking place.
  2. Once called, the affiliate of Fam general assembly moves to the front of the hall and, after signing, he receives his ballot paper.
  3. The affiliate of the Fam general assembly then completes his ballot paper in the polling booth designated for this purpose.
  4. The affiliate of the Fam general assembly in question deposits his ballot paper in the urn, signs the electoral register and then returns to his seat.

How vote count will be done

Once the urn has been opened, the members of the electoral committee shall count out loud the number of ballot papers and verify their validity. If the number of ballot papers is equal to or less than the number of ballot papers issued, the ballot is valid. If it exceeds the number of ballot papers issued, the ballot shall be declared void and recommence immediately in accordance with the procedure described above.

  1. After the number of ballot papers has been verified, the members of the electoral committee shall proceed to count the number of votes cast for each different candidate.
  2. Once the count has been completed and verified, the chairman shall officially declare the results to the affiliates of the Fam general assembly.
  3. If a second (or subsequent) round of voting is required, the voting procedure shall be repeated in accordance with the above articles. The affiliates of the Fam general assembly are also to be informed of the statutory provisions that apply for the second (and subsequent) rounds of voting (e.g. any changes to the majority required, elimination of candidates).


How winners will be decided

For a person to be elected president, first- vice-president and second vice- president, a majority (more than 50%) of the votes recorded and valid is necessary. If therearemorethantwocandidates for a position, the candidate that obtains the lowest number of votes is eliminated as from the second ballot until only two candidates are left.

  1. Election of the members of the four elected Executive Committee members shall be carried out on the basis of relative majority (the highest number of votes cast). Accordingly, the first four with highest number of votes will be declared winners.

Fam executive commitee composition

The president

The first vice-president.

The second vice-president.

Four elected members.

Chairperson of the Women’s Football Association who shall be female.

Chairperson of the Super League.

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