What will die with you?


We are supremely gifted. We are supremely talented. We are supremely intelligent. Actually, any human being was born for a purpose. Even a mere birth of a human is a complete struggle for survival. Biology tells us that for any human born, there were almost five million options in the womb. Out of almost five million sperms only one has the opportunity to fertilise and lead into the birth of a human. So the birth of a human being is a miracle, an uneasy survival in the battle of five million sperms.

But then after birth, we also have to wait for death. People may not be comfortable to talk about it but it is inevitable that death shall one moment rule supreme over us. Imagine the moment of death has come and surrounding you are all the dreams that were given to you by life, the ideas that you never acted on and the talents that give the ability you never used. Imagine the ideas telling you “we came to you and only you could not have given us life and now we must die with you forever”.

The motivational guru Les Brown stresses: “The question is if you die this very moment, what dreams will die with you? What dreams? What ideas? Don’t allow the fear of failure and the attractiveness of playing it attractive in life to draw you in.”


There is a point of relief however. We will all die but we are not dying today. The fact that we are able to breathe and see another day is an opportunity for us to rectify the errors we made and move forward with passion, vision, zeal and persistence. Having missed on many opportunities in life, we should never miss the other opportunities coming our way. It is time we commanded our destiny. The past is nothing; it is the future that matters. The fact that we have ever failed before does not mean that we will also fail today and in future. Actually, people that have never failed are those that have never tried anything. We will fail in life but the greatest thing is rising up after every fall.

It matters nothing. You may have grown up in an average environment, went to an average school, or worked for an average organisation that made you believe that you are average; you are not, only that you let the environment decide what you are instead of stamping your identity on the environment. You made yourself believe that you cannot do more and achieve more than the average you did. Your mental limitations limited your ability to achieve greatness. But you are supremely gifted, supremely talented and supremely intelligent.

It is time for you to look within yourself and decide that you are in charge of your destiny. And when you decide I will do it, life will never be the same again; you start looking at obstacles as ladders to success, you become obsessed with your dreams and you become unstoppable. You certainly unleash the enzymes of greatness within you.


See what you have in you, master what you have in you and that will lead you to destiny. It is important to note that you are unique and that there is only you who can do what you do in the way you do it. There is no one else but you. There has never been another you, there will never be another you, you are the only unique you and if you happen not to work on your dreams, no one else will because the dreams are yours.

It is imperative to note that all the people that we admire have been successful because they worked on their dreams. It is also important to note that realising dreams is and will never be easy. The pursuit for the destiny of our choice is entangled in many failures, many pains. But the bottom line is simple: the harder the battle, the sweeter the victory. Muhammad Ali was right: “Impossible is nothing”. All things that we take pride in today and take them for granted were once considered impossible. It was once considered impossible that a machine can fly in the air (the aeroplane) until the Wright Brothers made it possible. It was considered impossible that people could be speaking on phones that have no wire connections; now we take mobile phones for granted. If the people that spearheaded these dreams had never worked on them, they would have died with them and what a loss to the world that could have been.

Your dreams have the potential to change the fortunes of the world, to make life better for humankind. There is no one else but you. The unique you is unique and the only solution to the problems you see. Stop making the same mistakes of waiting for other people to work on your dreams. Write your own book of life; curve your own path to success. Stop being average. Challenge the status quo and soldier on with your dream. People may not agree with you but there is no law which says that in the pursuit of your dream, you need people to agree with you. You have to be crazy. In all ideas, there is a sense of madness and it is that that makes a difference. What dreams will die with you?

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