What you think of yourself matters


There are times we feel like giving up on our dreams. Indeed, many do give up. Disillusionment, disappointment, backward thinking and regrets creep in as we notice that we are trying in vain to achieve our dreams. But, wait a moment, nobody should lie to you that the path to achieving dreams is a perfect highway. Get prepared to fail more and more, to have your ideas bruised. Waking up and carrying on against the gradient of challenges is the surest way to success.

Every time you feel like giving up, seek inspiration from the dung beetle. The dung beetle pushes the ball that is usually many times its size and weight, and gradients present problems. The force of gravity at many times creates an inevitable consequence. As gravity outweighs the strength of the beetle, or even in a situation where the beetle has made a slight error in the pushing trajectory, the nest sphere stutters and then rolls backwards, temporarily squashing the hapless beetle.

Stephen Berry explains very well how a dung beetle never gives up. Writing in the book Strategies of the Serengeti, Berry says: ‘With energy sapped, pride tarnished but determination undiminished, the more successful beetles rise from such a crushing experience to scurry back to their rogue dung-ball and recommence pushing despite the ground temporarily lost. With uncomplaining and enviable resolve the beetle heaves and pushes its dung to retread the path thinking only of the unknown route ahead, rather than dwelling on the course already trodden, which spans so visibly in front of him as he pushes.’


In the pursuit of your dreams, be prepared to fail again and again. You will have to deal with the treacherous gradients of disappointment, belittlement, lack of support, castigation and many vices that may be there to pull you down. No matter how down you fall, start pushing your dreams forward again, concentrating on what you intend to achieve instead of the pains of failure recently experienced.

People will not believe you, people will call you crazy but keep on pushing your dung-ball dreams against the gradient of any opposition. If those that were working on the computer dream had listened to the words of Thomas Watson, Chairman of IBM in 1943, computers would not have been there now. Watson said: ‘I think there is a world market for up to five computers’.

If the world’s successful rock band had not risen beyond the frustration of rejection, the Beatles could not have become the world’s celebrated rock band it eventually became. When Decca Recording was turning down the Beatles for a recording contract in 1962, he said: ‘Groups featuring guitars are on the way out’.


When television was coming in, it’s pioneers did it right not to listen to what 20th Century Fox boss, Darryl Zanuck, said. His view was that television would never become popular and he stressed ‘people will soon get tired of staring at a box every night’.

It is appropriate to know that people’s minds are skewed towards the negative. There is a 95 percente chance that your ideas will not be supported until you surprise the world. The world will not believe you until you finally make it. You will then become a reference point. Les Brown was right, ‘never let the opinions of others become your reality’. Always remember that you are a leader of your own dreams and destiny.

Lance Kurke is right, ‘truly great leaders change the world around them… they treat problems as addressable opportunities. Leaders make the world, obviously within constraints, the way they want it to be. Always ask yourself who you are and what you want to be and that is what matters most.’

Lance Kurke gives us a good lesson when he writes, ‘in modern times people obsess about what car they drive. Wise people know that the only obsession is not what others think, but what we think of ourselves; that is, who we are.’

Never stop scaling the heights, never stop running in the pursuit of your dreams. Keep falling and waking up. If you make mistakes on the way, do not dwell on it, let alone let the past immobilise you. Just learn from the mistakes made and keep on going. You are the next big thing the world has ever had.

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