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Windows Artificial Intelligence (AI) digital assistant, Cortana, is going to be unbundled from search bar and will now be housed in the Action Centre in Windows 10.

Cortana, Microsoft’s version of Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa first appeared as an enhancement to Windows Search function. The intention was to animate search. Instead of typing “Ndizakudandaula Chikazatha” on the search bar, all you now had to do was yell out “play Queen Bee’s song”.

Amazing as that that may appear, bundling search and an electronic assistant has not played well with Windows 10 users. While an assistant added fun to the business of search, users thought that they were not out for pranks when they went looking for something in the labyrinth of their hard drives.

Cortana will be assigned a more befitting role, one that borders around lighter sense of issues; chat. Microsoft will release a chat app for Windows 10 created in the image of Cortana.

If it comes from Evan “eveleaks” Blass blog, then it is as good as official. According to the blog, Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus flagship smartphones will be unveiled on February 26. On that very day, World Mobile Congress, the world largest mobile gathering will be kick-starting in the great footballing city of Barcelona. This is not a coincidence, Samsung has set it all up to steal the thunder at the mobile tech conference with a dosage of attention-seeking streak.

History is repeating itself; in March 2017, Samsung released Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9 Plus and that glamorous event set the benchmark by which all phone releases were calibrated. They all had to echo the bezel-less display lyrics.

Does your Samsung Galaxy S8 feel trashy in your hands after the releases of the all-glass construction iPhone X? Let your heart not be troubled; mark the date 1st March 2018, for then, you will be able to pre-order an upgrade and your order should be filled by 16th of March, 2018.

Samsung S9 is expected to push the envelope; bezels will slim down to obscurity and create a sea-flow like experience. Stereo speaker s inclusion will enrich musical experience. Addition of double rear camera and all that it entails will catapult Samsung Galaxy S9 into the elite league of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X .

Enough of smartphones; what is happening in the social media app software engineering? According to WaBetttainfo, an independent blog that pitches on WhatsApp developments, the one-to-one maestro chat app is currently going through a major upgrade.

You will soon be able to be notified about all mentions in group chats. Whenever you open a group chat, you’ll get a notification about how many times you were mentioned in conversations. By tapping the notification you will be taken to each instant that your name was mentioned in chats.

The feature will first debut on Android ecosystem and perhaps later infiltrate onto Apple iOS environment; undoubtedly it may get as far as Windows Phone medium which is almost dead.

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