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When are we going on streets against Escom?

Opinion is evenly divided on MCP’s 31-year rule under founding president the late Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

People that are nostalgic of that era talk about the unprecedented infrastructural development that took place during this period as well as food security that was largely achieved.

On the other hand, MCP detractors talk of human rights abuses.

But, no matter how one sees life under MCP, one thing that Kamuzu never compromised on are standards and how he demanded them of the people that surrounded him and this is the reason why he produced characters that had exceptional work ethic such as the late Aleke Banda and even former strongman John Tembo.

Sadly, and tragically, this is dead and buried together with Kamuzu at the City Centre in Lilongwe.

What we have instead as Malawians is a Malawi in which we have allowed mediocrity to permeate into our way of life and the very things that worked for us.

Can somebody tell me why people such as John Kapito or Billy Mayaya have allowed the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) to mistreat us by subjecting us to power outages that see no beginning or end? Why are the two not telling when we are going on to the streets against Escom? Do they have power in their houses all the time?

The lame excuse that Escom has slovenly given to the nation for this utter incompetence and hopelessness is that the water levels in Lake Malawi and Shire River have drastically gone down, thereby incapacitating generation.

But wait a minute. When did Escom come out of their stupor to realise that water levels would go down? Where was planning? Is the act of water levels going down a new phenomenon from Mars planet that could not have been for-seen and plans made around it? Is this the first time of our existence that we have had low water levels? Why did we not see the persistent blackouts the other years when we had less amounts of rain than last year?

Does Escom know what it is doing to that little barber at some corner whose livelihood depends on shaving people’s heads? What about the manufacturing sector that pays the very tax that government sometimes abuses? How can they produce when they have no power half the time? Instead some have resorted to the use of generators, thereby eating into reserves and bottom line.

In the long run they will face ruin. Should anybody be surprised that nothing is working in Malawi?

Does it mean Escom is devoid of engineers who can work out solutions and go round problems?

By all standards, this is costly mediocrity that we have all decided to accept. People that claim to represent consumers and human rights and earn their living that way have been eerily quiet. Instead they are talking about some superfluous issues that don’t land on our plates and they expect Malawians to join them. My foot!

Even President Peter Mutharika says we should bear with Escom. And I say to my president that Malawians will not bear with Escom as that is tolerating mediocrity.

Malawians want a president that does not accept the nonsense currently raging at Escom.

Coincidentally, nonsense is a favourite word for the President yet he chose not to describe what is happening at Escom that way when it is just that.

Instead, Mutharika chose to molly cuddle Escom and asked all of us to bear with the corporation for keeping us in the dark, letting our food go bad as well as threatening the companies we work for with closure due to under productivity.

But, Mr President, Escom needs one thing and it is a massive shake up for the mere reason that its management has failed to fulfill its core mandate to Malawians which is to supply uninterrupted power.

I expect characters such as Kapito and Mayaya to tell us when we should march against Escom to tell its management our piece of mind.

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