When envy becomes a destructive weapon


A human being is the most active, destructive and dangerous living thing among all creatures.

Destruction of vegetation, pollution of the environment and wanton killing of wild animals, which eventually wipe out everything, leaving the ground bare, are all human activities.

This mismanagement of nature has further led the whole world into the crisis of climate change. This will, however, be a subject for discussion on another day.


Today, I want us to know another destructive emotional weapon the same man uses to destroy fellow human beings, which is rarely discussed, known as envy. This destruction is practised among human beings.

In summary, envy is an emotional process that accompanies greed and gossip when a person lacks superior quality achievement or possession and desires that all the fortunes that belong to a friend be theirs.

When a person is addicted to envy, he employs any means to spoil plans and the success of a friend. He uses all tactics to suppress the supposed prosperity of a fellow human being by damaging their reputation in whatever way.


That is how dangerous envy is. It is destructive in its entirety. This is probably why the composer of our National Anthem Fredrick Sauka indicates in the first stanza, that envy has a negative impact in any society.

The anthem describes ‘envy’ as one of the worst enemies and asks God to help us guard against this monster. It is an open secret that if the country is moving two steps forward and four steps backwards, it is partly because of envy that is deep-rooted in people’s minds.

Envy has dragged back plans and policies of companies and businesses. The development of a country is affected by envious minds. One hard-working professional may have better plans and a vision of that particular institution.

Unprofessional young people within the institution may be envious and gossip against the professional people, thereby creating unnecessary animosity within the system.

Such is the wickedness of envy among us.

One of the 10 Commandments describes envy as a sin. For believers, this clearly tells us about how wicked and destructive envious minds are and that those involved will face consequences before God, according to the Bible.

It is disgusting that this envy is everywhere in society. It is regarded as a cultural norm. Envy is there in politics and has not spared religious communities.

In workplaces, envy is more visible than in any other place; it has not spared traditional leader. Envy in politics is even dangerous as practitioners are often interested in ‘trapping’ each other using any possible means.

This trap is extended even to those not practising politics by throwing missiles of envy to them because some politicians look at themselves as more superior, powerful and feared. They control everything. They become more authoritative and on top of the world more than anyone else.

They become gods in their own right. They manufacture lies against those individuals working in government or anywhere else.

Religious communities are also engulfed in nurturing envy as a weapon used to frustrate followers or believers by creating petty stories against them because of greed.

Some religious leaderships like engaging in the business of pulling each other down. All this is because of envy.

Envy is a pandemic that we should all be concerned about. It is destroying our country and our relationships. It is destroying lives of innocent people.

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