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When ‘Rob M’ behaves differently

Every time, and all the time, he has played the adviser. Yes, he drinks and gets somehow drunk but does not go off-limits.

But of late, it is Joe being Joe. He has changed from the top guzzler to, somewhat, adviser. Our ‘Rob’ M has changed; he has, slowly, become our original ‘Joe’, of course minus other sins of nature.

‘Rob M’ is like a father to the Crew and that is why all of us are concerned. In one breath he advises; in the next he goes astray. The advice becomes an ingredient of escalating the problem. When one demands to know why he is not his original self, he complains that: “It has to do with the state of how the Ndix brew is nowadays. It has changed. It is more strong and more of a concoction of other drinks, not the original form.”

At first, most of us in the Crew were taking him to be just a naughty old ‘Rob M’, who mostly feels what he says easily makes us tow his line of thought. We also felt he is slowly drifting into a real ‘alcoholic’, but we are thinking of having a special talk on his observation. That our dear brew is becoming something else, stronger though.

“In those days, we could know this is this, which is that, in terms of our likes of brands. Now we can just gulp anything; the impact is the same. We are one in type of drink, no one can boast of sticking to his or her original stuff, no,” says ‘Atsogoleri’ Rob M, his hands spread above his short body, schooling us like Primary School learners of his scope of beer chemistry.

Atsogoleri’ mungotiwuza kuti mkamwa mwanu mwapepera, simukutha kusiyanitsa kuti uyu ndi njada wa chizungu kapena ndi uja obiriwira, wofiira; khambi lamkitsa mkamwamo; musatinamize kuti mowa wasintha ayi!” exclaims Lackson, as Joe being Joe is busy gulping all sorts of beer types to prove right or wrong ‘Atsogoleri’ Rob M’s concept and ‘discovery’.

Some of us condemn Joe being Joe for tackling the issue using a wrong experiment. We are of the view that we should seek the views of other famed imbibers, who can prove the same or prove otherwise.

Mwinanso kungoti mwawumwetsa mowa ndiye simukusiyanitsa kakomedwe, mungowona ngati onse ndi chimodzimodzi,” says Happison, who for long has been a silent observer.

He supports the indulgency of others out of the Crew, and that we should not rush to make decisions that things are not the same.

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