When will they do obvious right thing?


As a democratic nation, we should not even be debating whether we need to adopt the 50 plus 1 percent majority system of electing our presidents.

It is no brainer. It is obvious. It makes complete sense.

You would think that is the reason why the Special Law Commission has recommended it to government, as something that we should adopt as soon as yesterday.


The reason is simple. We cannot continue having somebody who was rejected by over half of the voters at polls to govern us at the State House, in this day and age.

This is not personal but it remains a fact, although no fault of his own that President Peter Mutharika is still governing today when 66 percent of Malawians rejected him during the polls in 2014.

Because we are still using the archaic first-past- the-post system, Mutharika only got 34 percent of all votes cast and today he is president.


There is a credibility issue at stake here, and that is why countries such as Kenya that promulgated their democratic constitutions in a hurry, like we did, have moved on and fixed this.

They now have in place laws that say if none of the presidential candidates have garnered over 50 percent of the votes, then the number one must slug it out with the runner up to produce a leader who is elected by a true majority.

As I keep on saying in this piece, this makes complete sense and so the mind boggling question is: Why is the DPP administration not excited with the Special Law Commission recommendation that the electoral law be changed to fix this constitutional anomaly? Why is the President not talking about it?

In my view, the reason is simple and it lies in the mistaken belief that the DPP establishment holds that the demographic distribution of this country favors them to continue to produce simple majorities during elections and claim the State House.

It follows that, on that premise, DPP thinks that it will continue ruling until eternity.

This is arrogance of the first order and taking Malawians as fools, who will continue not to think using their heads, but will rigidly vote with their hearts following a script DPP thinks it has written for them.

But they should simply ask themselves whether there is a party in Malawi or indeed in the world that has governed forever.

Things change. People’s attitude change. Demographic distributions change. Voters change. Politics change.

The youth as a demographic group will continue to have a say in elections and millennials, that is kids born after the year 2000, will vote for the first time in 2019.

All these factors will conspire in future elections and decide who goes to the State House and who becomes an MP or councillor.

It would be foolhardy for the DPP top brass to gather in some poshy hotel and think that Malawians are rigid and will vote for them, regardless of the mess they have made of our lives in the past three years or so.

This is what I am reading in as far as the action of the Cabinet refusing to meet quasi religious body, Public Affairs Committee (Pac), is concerned.

PAC wanted to discuss with the Cabinet the electoral reforms which it feels must be carried out, as recommended by the Special Law Commission, if the 2019 elections are to produce a credible president, the one we will all be proud of and respect.

But by now and by this action, it is crystal clear that the DPP government is against 50 plus 1 percent of electing a president.

It should be clear to Pac, other CSOs and all patriotic, honest and hardworking Malawians that, just as was the case during the process of having Access to Information law which the administration also resisted, there should be a fight to force the electoral law reforms down the throat of this DPP administration.

This government will always sacrifice what is right and in the best interest of this nation at the altar of tribalism, regionalism and other partisan interests in the mistaken view that, by so doing, it will hold on to power come 2019.

What an archaic and sub human way of thinking.

When will the DPP do the obvious right thing?

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