Where is Malawi heading to?


BY public demand Hanging Out has decided to reproduce this entry in which members of the Crew issued its own pastoral letter just like what our revered religious leaders do.

“Greetings from the Crew! We have today, just like our revered religious leaders do, decided to come up with something they call pastoral letter. Ours is not a Pastoral letter, but ‘Missive from the Citizens’.

It is being forwarded not only to government, but also fellow citizens. It is talking or rather pointing at some ills of our society and also bad policies that we, the commoners, deserve.


Look, for a long time, we in the Crew have been pointing out at the ‘useless things that some prominent people do behind the scenes’. We have in our own judgment largely avoided being flat-out on direct confrontations or political misdeeds. We leave out that for other well deserving experts.

But, who are we not to realise that the issue of abductions and killing of albinos is a disgrace to us and erodes Malawi’s leadership balance sheet. It also makes us look killers when we travel to other countries; gone is the time the country wore the tag of ‘God fearing’.

Comrades, where are all of us when the country’s citizenry is becoming poorer and poorer while some of those white collar thieves pretending to be holy politicians and clergy are busy leaping from our poverty? Are we not all to blame for this? Should we really only blame politicians?


Why is it that we are all quiet when these politicians, ‘pastors’, greedy business people, commercial captains ‘chew’ what is ours in form of taxes, tithe and day-light financial misappropriations? Is it not us who clap hands for those people who become rich from the blues and talk ill of those that struggle in their entrepreneurship drive when banks become behave like katapila masters [loan sharks] – each day grabbing property that those that took loans from the banks sweated for? Where is government voice and help on this? Should it stay idle when there is that public loot by banks?

Of course some Malawians are not good at giving back what they owe to others – banks inclusive. But why should the nation’s authorities be selective by letting politicians [whose loans are too huge to run a whole ministry in two years] get away with it when others, the less privileged and not politically connected are penalised left, right and centre?

As citizens are we doing enough to invest in a little way to uplift our families’ income? Should we all depend on being employed largely in white-collar set up?

Chibwana chamchombolende, kupepera basi!

Is it not time we emulate our Tanzanian neighbours that value hard work and prefer to work for the betterment of their families than staying a whole day waiting for and cheering for politicians doing their official duties?

Should we really wait for a Member of Parliament to buy coffins for our departed relations or give us sugar and soap handouts daily? Can’t we find something better to do, even roasting chicken braai in a market close by?

Why should we steal from anywhere we are placed in charge? Stealing toilet tissues in public or work toilets [bars inclusive]? Why are we so into stealing anything including relish from our home pots? Why should housemaids/ houseboys always steal from their employers? Why should accounts clerks, accountants, controlling officers continue stealing from our public coffers despite the exposure of Cashgate and imprisonment of some perpertrators?

Ife takwiya, ndipo takwiya [we are bitter], Malawi walowa utsiru [Malawi, as a nation, has deteriorated in morals]!

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