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Who do these Members of Parliament represent?


In a bid to polish our democracy, there was a draft law on the floor of the Parliament meeting that concluded last week, which was rejected by legislators.

The thrust of it was to ensure that public leaders especially a President, is chosen by a majority of the citizenry, in the spirit of consolidating democratic values.

The MPs who vehemently shot down the proposed law had told this paper that they were mandated by their constituents to vote as such, since they had not been oriented on the legislation and that they were not given enough time to peruse the documentation.


We are now left dumbfounded, as it has now been uncovered that most of the said MPs lied through their teeth, as evidenced by the narrations of their constituents to Malawi News reporters who went right down to the ground.

Our visits to some selected constituencies has vindicated our story that, as is the case with most politicians, the legislators had put in the fore front their beneficial interests and not necessarily what is good for the majority and indeed Malawi in as far as the electoral process is concerned.

This now begs the question as to who exactly these Mps represent, since those that put them in office, are making it public that they were for the proposed electoral reform bills and nothing short of that.


It is high time politicians realised that time for pushing personal agendas at the expense of those they claim to save is over. The electorate also need to be vigilant in ensuring that those they put in office are living up to their expectations, and not practising ‘politics of the belly’.

Otherwise, 2019 is not too far and politicians better beware as Malawians would certainly not hesitate to have their retribution, come time for the general elections.

It should be the wish of every Malawian to see to it that the country holds credible elections, and this could have only materialised if those bills that were shot down were enacted.

Again we are asking the question; who do these MPs represent? Certainly not Malawians that want to safeguard the dictates of their hard-won democracy which cannot happen if laws that only entrench tribalism and regionalism are left to stand.

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