Why call it Windows 10 and not 9?


Windows 10 has arrived and indeed it is free. But then, the predecessor of Windows 10 was Windows 8 and naturally Microsoft should have called this version Windows 9. Microsoft has skipped a number; but why?

Going by history of Microsoft Windows, it may appear that these code writers of Redmond are now masters of such schemata. Windows made its debut as Windows 1 and made its natural progression to Windows 3. From that point the software giant decided to bring in some confusion; the number system was dropped and subsequent Windows were christened and given decorative names.

The first one was named after the year it was released; Windows 95. This was followed by another that was released in 1998; you guessed right, it was called Windows 98. In 1996 the company released another version for running serious computer networks and was called Windows NT (NeTworking). In the year 2000, Microsoft improved Windows 98 and Windows NT and named them Windows Me (Millennium edition) and Windows 2000 respectively.


In 2001 Microsoft came up with Windows XP (eXPerience). From there, Windows graduated into Vista. Thereafter, Microsoft decided to renegade; back to numbers, and windows Vista’s successor was Windows 7.

This implied that this was Windows version number 7, in other words Windows had been overhauled six times after its inception. That was merely an impression that Microsoft wanted to implant in the minds of the buying public; otherwise Windows 7 was actually version 6.1 of Windows and should have rightly have been called Windows 6.

Going by versions, Windows NT was version 4, and Windows 2000 was version 5 of Windows. Windows XP was a small improvement of Windows 2000 and therefore version 5.1.


Windows Vista was a huge revamp of Windows XP; version 6.0 of Windows. Windows 7 and 8 are all small improvements of Windows Vista and are Windows version 6.1 and 6.2. In this case we had not come to Windows 7 yet. Microsoft skipped a number to arrive at windows 7.

What is the correct Windows version for Windows 10? Windows 6.4 and Windows 8.1 is actually Windows version 6.3. Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 are small progressive improvements of Windows Vista (Windows version 6).

Here is the reason why Microsoft has jumped a number again this time; Windows 8 was a flop and Microsoft wants to distance Windows 8 woes away from windows 10.

On a lighter note, Windows customers these days have to skip one Windows offering before landing into the right one; Windows XP was fantastic, Windows Vista was a disaster, Windows 7 was brilliant, Windows 8 was a tragedy, and Windows 9 should therefore, have been dazzling.

In Japan where Windows has huge following the number 9 is bad omen. There you

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