Why not?


In life, we are too analytical of things. We analyse what others are doing and brilliantly come up with many philosophies on how they could have done better than what they have done. Surprisingly, we, analysts, have done nothing and have only mastered the art of criticism. We rush at asking why. George Bernard Shaw long saw that and said: “Some men see things as they are and say ‘why’; I dream of things that never were and say ‘why not?’”

It is the ‘why not’ people that are destined for progress. They keep on pushing to achieve the impossible. Record-breaking athletes do not waste time asking why people are not breaking the records; they ask themselves ‘why are we not breaking records.’

Innovation and greatness are made from that which at first seemed impossible. We are addicts of Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and other technological advances that make life better and communication much easier now. The founders of these models of communication were made to think of that, which they did. In their minds, they must have been asking themselves: ‘Why not come up with a communication model that is instant and cheap?’ Telecommunication companies noted the progress that was made and did not waste time asking why those communication models were in use and competing against them. To them, they asked ‘why not incorporate them into our mobile services and charge a fee?’ No wonder data is big business and is thriving on people’s insatiable appetite for instant communication.


There is no better time for reflection than now. Move from asking yourself ‘why am I poor, a failure, a person with little progress?’ to ‘why not becoming rich, a success in life, a man or woman of great accolades?’

It is imperative to realise that all things are achievable as long as we have a mind that looks at things in a positive context. What man can achieve is beyond comprehension. Orison Sweet Marden testifies to that when he said: “Deep within man dwell those slumbering powers; powers that would astonish him, that he never dreamed of possessing; forces that would revolutionise his life, if aroused and put into action.’

Many people see other humans with no access to safe and potable water and all they ask is ‘why?’ The paradox is that we expect others to be solution providers. Progress can only be made if the same scenario was looked into with the mindset of ‘why not me providing safe and portable water?’ When your brain shifts into that positive orientation gear you start mobilising resources and even courting other friends and partners for such a noble cause. Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.


Dr Thomson Mpinganjira must have asked himself, ‘why not own a bank? Then he made it. Gospel Kazako asked himself, ‘’ why not own a media house?’ then he made it. Dr Ngwira asked himself, ‘why not manufacture wine to minimise importation costs?’ then he came up with Linga wines. Taz Namalueso asked himself, ‘why not own an IT firm?’ then App Farm and Prism Marketing were born. Napoleon Dzombe asked himself ‘why not make something out of bamboos?’ then he established a company that manufacturers tiles from bamboos. Ask the impossible questions, then you will realise how powerful your brain is in coming up with solutions.

World-class thinkers crave novelty; they look at problems with the scope of solving them. Word class thinkers have no time mourning interest rates; they thrive even in environments considered not conducive for business. Where people see filth or disillusionment, they see gold and happiness. World-class leaders speak the language of possibility, the language of hope, the language of first class. Be a world-class thinker and keep asking yourself why not become a celebrity, an academician, a top entrepreneur, a record-breaking athlete or a most sought-after public speaker. In general, ask why can I not become the best God created you to be and work hard towards achieving it.

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