Why should citizenship for Malawians expire?


We in the Crew are concerned, and real concerned. Why should citizenship for Malawians expire? Is it not wrong to force Malawians to apply for citizenship?
This is the reasoning of today. We are not amused that, despite being bonafide citizens of this country, having born on this soil called Malawi, and nowhere else; we are being told that in six years time, ten years time or a bit less a period, we should go to a certain office and apply for citizenship. Why?
We feel Malawians are owed an explanation; someone out there should indeed come and explain to us the Crew and even all the citizenry, why we have to apply to be Malawians.
Yes, during the National Registration Exercise last year we spared hours upon hours to queue on long lines to register. Then, our reasoning and rather assumption was that we had to sacrifice our time for that because it was the first time this country was registering its citizens.
Now, what is the logic of being compelled to do the same – and even worse [re-applying] – when our names and details are in the system?
If it is about checking whether some of us are dead, why not make a national appeal statement that whoever has lost a relation that registered as a citizen should go and report to relevant offices [at the district level], that such and such is dead, and bring evidence by way of death certificates? Are we being fair to Malawians? Is our government being fair to us?
Maybe the allegations are true that government would want to cash in on the same by way of introducing this clause of re-application for citizenship. But why? But why?
Would this not also give room for corruption? Would this not burden those poor folks from very remote areas, who cannot afford to spare money to travel to district centres to re-register? So if that gogo or nganga, who is so poor, old and frail, cannot afford to travel to the DCs office to re-register, will cease to be a citizen of Malawi?
Folks, we in the Crew can see a situation where citizenship, just like other deserving national tags and gains, would be only for the privileged. The poor, we are afraid as a Crew, will continue being less important in this country.
God save Malawi!
Yours truly,
The Crew!

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