Windows 10 keeps getting better?


With Teri Sequeira:

Windows 10 (Win10) has been updated regularly since its inception, with the latest being the May update. I believe this is update no. 8. Updates are essential for two reasons – the first is that it patches up any identified security issues from the previous version. Secondly it adds on new functionality that Microsoft have identified to enhance the user experience. For those of you not getting these updates (and we find a lot of clients in this situation), setting these up is simple. Click on the Search button on your taskbar, and type in “Windows Update”. Another way to get to this search function is to simply press the Windows logo key on your keboard and type in the name of the item you are searching for.

This will tell you if you have any pending updates. You have the choice here to pause or delay updates, schedule restarts for non active hours, and check whether you have enough space for these updates. If you have a massive list awaiting download, I would suggest running these overnight with the computer plugged in. If you are still unable to download your updates, you need to confirm that your Win10 licence is valid. Check with your IT team, or the supplier of your computer. By the way the Win10 Search facility is an extremely powerful tool. Not only can you use it find any applications on your computer, but it also allows you to quickly search for folders and individual files. It is now usually my “go-to” place to access anything I need urgently.


Try it out and see how much time you save rather than hunting for documents and folders manually. Remember, you can also talk to Cortana to help you find anything on your computer or on the web. Cortana is the voice activated assistant that is very easy to set up and use. The new functionality added on in the last recent updates are too numerous to detail, but here are some useful things that can make your day to day user safer and better.

Firstly, you should know by now that Win10 comes with a full anti-virus, security suite called Windows Security. This provides all the protection you require for personal use – including firewall protection, and family safety options. It runs in the background and carries out regular scans, and reports back on any findings. If you have concerns about malware on your computer (or external drive), you can kick off a quick or full scan. You can even select suspect folders and drives and get them fully scanned for malware.

A very quick way to do this simply is to right click on the suspect file or folder and select Sacn with Windows Defender. If you are a corporate client, I would still recommend looking at a corporate solution to ensure that you fully protect all corporate usage and business critical data. Are you an user that regularly opens a lot of folders and applications whilst working? Organising these are much simpler now – you can easily re-arrange these on your desktop by dragging your open windows to the left or right (and top or bottom) of the desktop.


This allows you to arrange up to four windows for simultaneous viewing on your desktop. Try it – just click and hold on the tool bar on the top of your window and try moving it around as described above. This is called the Snap function. If you still have many more apps you need to flip between easily – use the Task View icon on your taskbar. This will show you all the currently open applications and files, and also allows you to create a number of virtual desktops, where you can arrange the most relevant applications for quick retrieval.I am very aware that this article may confuse readers.

But I would really urge that you try the things mentioned here. Once tried, it is amazing how quickly it becomes second nature. I am pleased to see that Microsoft is focusing its attention on ensuring that users needs are taken into account to ensure its product becomes easier and more intuitive to use.

Teri Sequeira is Managing Director of SyncIT Solutions Ltd. He can be reached on or

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