Wings of hope: Haunted house in Area 43


It’S a colossal house that magnificently towers itself in the affluent neighbourhood of Area 43. Everything about this house is elegant apart from the people that live in it.

The owner of this breathtaking house is a man who has no peace. He lives in perpetual fear of the law enforcement. His nights are flooded with nightmares of police arrest. He turns a minimum of 15 to 20 times on the bed in one night in search of comfort.

This man erected this structure in the shortest time one can imagine. There were no prolonged breaks in the building of this house as we often see around our neighbourhoods.


There was no short supply of building material. Everyday a huge truck would come to drop sand, bricks, stones or cement.

One could hardly imagine that this house belonged to a civil servant. The alarming speed at which this house was built compelled a few neighbours to assume that it was a rich corporate firm that owned the project.

This house was built under very dubious circumstances.


The salary this man was earning could not account for this monstrous project. There are no traceable alternative sources of income for this man apart from his meagre salary. There is nothing extraordinary about his income. The more people discuss this house the more questions are raised.

As the sun sets, the security lights automatically switch on around this gigantic house beaming the nocturnal beauty of this intricate design. Everything about this house is pricey. It can fairly compete with mansions we see in movies in developed countries.

In a country ravaged by poverty one wonders how one person could morally amass such wealth.

But in the midst of this architectural amazement lies a heart that is empty. A heart haunted by the past. The unexplained sources of income, the people he took advantage of, the shortcuts he used, the secrets, the lies, the deceit haunt him every single day.

He had heard about God in his childhood during Sunday School but the desire for wealth overshadowed his spiritual values and beliefs. He craved for wealth and surely he found it – with all its entanglements!

Now he was beginning to realise that life is more than basking in wealth.

As a Sunday School child he memorised Matthew 6 vs. 33 which urges us to seek God first; “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and everything else will be added unto you”. He still remembered the verse but not the power it contained. He found God too slow for his liking.

Today he accidentally tuned to a Christian TV channel and found a sermon on Matthew 6 vs. 33. He wanted to flip to another channel but something prevented him. Every word that was being spoken pricked him.

The preacher dwelt on the vulnerability of earthly wealth.

He called salvation the greatest wealth a man can think of. The preacher was unapologetic in his sermon.

“You can cheat everybody but you cannot cheat God”, he said. “He sees every corner of your deceitful heart and yet in a gracious gesture unseen by man invites the sinner to repentance. What more are you waiting for?”.

He quickly pressed the power button and stormed out of the TV room. He headed for the fridge to grab a beer. He could not bear it any longer. The truth was hurtful.

He sat on his bar stool and tried to call his friends. He wanted to escape from the reality of the truth he had just heard.

Unfortunately all his friends were either busy or their phones were switched off.

There was total silence in the room as tears of shame and guilt raced down his middle -aged cheeks. He was a haunted man in a haunted house.

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