‘Wiseman’ from the West, prove me wrong


The Flames’ 0-1 shameful defeat at the hands of Madagascar in Antananarivo last week should wake up us from deep slumber as we meet them again today in Lilongwe.

Without mincing words, this is a sad song that made some of us, who are very passionate about Malawi soccer, cry.

Yes, I had all the reasons to cry because on paper, the Flames were favourites. They are well ranked by Fifa unlike their Madagascar counterparts, and above all, we have just employed an expatriate coach who boasts vast coaching experience, and is certainly, eating deep into our hard earned coffers.


And for these non-entity Islanders to send us crashing on the canvass, when our hopes were high, makes some of us sad.

I have all the reasons to believe that the competence I am seeing in this coaching panel might take us another generation to smile in as far as football in concerned.

Playing ball players such as Dalitso Sailesi and Yamikani Chester as out-and-out wingers, in a game they were looking for a point, when they are not box-to-box players, makes me doubt the tactical acumen of Mr Ronny van Geneudgen and his two assistants.


In that hour of a shattering defeat in Madagascar, I felt sorry for the expatriate coach because I know he has been employed by the country where the word ‘patience’ does not exist in our vocabulary.

I hope today, Ronny and his charges will not repeat the mistake of looking at the size of a dog in a fight forgetting the size of the fight in a dog, the motto which a legendary Chinese Kung-Fu master, Bruce Lee, believed in.

Calling a spade by its name, I do not trust the expatriate coaches Fam hires because they have all proved useless in their contributions to Malawi soccer.

They always come here with pomp and bustling with ideas but their output has always been atrocious. They have failed miserably to shape our game. If Ronny is exceptional, he needs to prove me wrong on this one.

Others will call me a doubting Thomas, but I have no regrets because experience has taught me that none of the foreign coaches we have hired has taken the team to the continent’s most prestigious tournament, Africa Nations Cup finals.

Other wayward coaches have come, drained our scarce resources, quit the job and eventually died peacefully in their countries while chewing our hard earned money.

Finally, I chose to differ with Fam that the pampered ‘Wiseman’ from the west they have hired is the greatest thing that has ever happened to Malawi football. To me, he looks ordinary and basic.

I hope Malawi is not on the verge of paying that huge price.

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