Wokoma-atani gears for ‘Ulaliki wa Moto’

WOKOMA-ATANI—The cover of the album

Legendary poet Benedicto Wokoma-atani Malunga is set to release a new poetry collection titled Ulaliki wa Moto.

Although Wokoma-atani has been working on new poems and has been active, it has been some time since he released an anthology of poetry.

But now he is here and ready to quench the hunger of poetry lovers with his new verses.


Wokoma-atani said Thursday that Ulaliki wa Moto is an anthology of Chichewa poetry that he has been writing for the past years.

“This is a collection of poetry characterised by great diversity in terms of theme and it has tackled topical issues that affect human life,” the ‘Siananso Awa’ star said.

Wokomata-ani added that those that do things wrongly will feel like they are being burned by the poetry in this album.


He also said that he has always taken his time whenever working on his projects and that the idea is to give poetry lovers the best.

“Speed is not a measure of quality. I like to think deeply about issues before I begin to write, I want to take poetry to another level and this is why this new collection with 29 poems has been written with conformity with the rules,” Wokoma-atani said.

He also said that he has introduced other dimensions to poetry writing in his new collection that people can utilise as far as Chichewa poetry is concerned.

“I know people are eager to have it, some have already started asking where to get it having dropped the flyer but it will come out shortly,” the veteran poet said.

Wokoma-atani said printing of CDs has been completed and that he will make it public where it can be found.

“I just thought we should have a flyer out earlier to prepare people of the work coming out and this will be followed by other two or three more albums which were being written almost the same time,” he said.

The poet said he has his own style of writing poetry which has evolved over time and that he keeps on learning from others citing John Gwengwe and Ezra Jofiya Chadza.

The collection was recorded by Blessings Kachopwa at Tiakalulu Studios.

Some of the poems in the album include ‘Aphunzitsi Athu’, ‘ Chikondi Cha Mayi’, ‘Chikondi’, ‘Chinamwali’, ‘Africa’, ‘Mwanawe’, ‘Kaphiri ka Kwathu’, ‘ and ‘Dzikoli’.

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