Women we can afford to divorce


It is disappointing that despite the lacklustre performance by our pampered Malawi Queens at the just-ended Netball World Cup in Australia, there are still some section of people who think otherwise.

These are the people who are still living in the past believing that the world is flat like a table not round like a ball as it was proven by Galilelo in those ancient times.

Watching the Queens tumble against Jamaica and South Africa, I felt like our netball has been cursed, never destined to break into the top four. It makes me believe that it is a sport that is pending for doom.


The Queens surrendered their first position in Africa and fifth in the world to South Africa after they lost three games and won five in that high profile tournament that left many spectators their tongues wagging.

The Queens are not to blame for the shoddy display. They did their best considering the preparations they undergo and the poor training facilities they are exposed to.

The biggest culprit in the downfall of the Malawi netball and the Queen is the Netball Association of Malawi. I have repeatedly said that this organisation is rotten to the core.


Nobody would believe that in this day and age, this hopeless organisation is operating without a strategic plan for the development of the sport and yet they expect the corporate world to come in with sponsorship.

Nobody would believe that in this day and age, this clueless organisation has not been able to account for its funds for the past six years.

Nobody would believe that in this day and age, this inert organisation has no managerial skills to sort out simple wrangles with its players.

This is an organisation which is on life-support and it exists because of the life-prolonging drugs its gets from its beloved clinician, Malawi National Council of Sports.

It is surprising that an organisation like the Sports Council treats Nam with kid gloves. Netball fraternity has complained about inefficiencies of Nam, but there has been no action from the sports mother body.

We have seen Sports Council suspending its affiliates, why is it failing to divorce its marriage with these ladies.

It is undisputable fact that since these women came into office, Malawi netball has never appeared on course, instead there has been a lot of negativity, hurt and disappointment and there is no hope of recovery.

It is high time drastic action was taken against these people or else let Sports Council officials pave way for those who are determined to instill discipline amongst its affiliate. I cannot be party to this mediocrity.

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