World Cup should not be a scapegoat


The Crew has, wasting much ado, decided to tackle the stupidity of some people, especially men.

As the World Cup has just started, excuses of going out in the evening become commonplace in homes. Women [wives and spouses] are told flat out that the man of the house is going to their favourite watering hall, clubs, and even public video showing shacks around town, to watch World Cup games.

It is this new catch of the Crew, Dr. B, who raises the topic. To the disappointment of others in the Crew, he suggests that we issue a ‘Position Letter to the Public’ against the same.


“You know it is obvious that many men will lie to their wives and spouses that they are going to watch these games, yet they don’t even know the teams partaking in this global competition. What bothers me is that most of us, men, have TV facilities – fully paid DSTV subscription; yet we choose not to watch the World Cup in the confines of home?” he wonders.

But ‘Joe Being Joe’ quashes the sentiments. “Zimenezo ndiye zofoyira, kunyumba tizikalimbirana ma rimoti ndi ana ofuna ma katuni [cartoons]? After all, the joy of watching football hinges on the arguments by the bar counter – that is an obvious fact.”

He goes on: “Even if one of us strays to the comfort zone of a concubine, it is not wrong; that is a fringe benefit of any married man. World Cup or no World Cup, men stray to some comfort zone in the form of a lover’s bedroom or a commercial sex-service centre, actually others do it right during the working hours; hence, we should not blame the World Cup. If we do so, we may end up bringing confusion and igniting poisonous atmospheres in homes!”


But ‘Atsogoleri’ Rob M decides to back Dr. B. He says it is, indeed, true that people tend to take advantage of some situations or occasions to commit adultery or cheat on their spouses.

“Of course, it is not only men who will misuse the World Cup for selfish reasons. Some women will also take advantage of the failure of their husbands to pay TV subscriptions to seek permission from their husbands to watch games at their neighbours’ or friends’ places— in some instances, a long distance from home. Cheats are cheats, they don’t run out of scapegoats,” he says.

And the Crew decides to go flat-out by embarking on a civic education programme to sensitise people to the dangers of taking advantage of the on-going World Cup to cheat on their lovers, spouses and even parents.

“We have a social responsibility role to play. Men should not be denied visas to go and watch World Cup; if the women are in doubt, they should just accompany the men and that would ignite more fun for other men watching the soccer contest. We should also sensitise others to the dangers of cheating and using the World Cup as a scapegoat to meet lovers—tikapanda kutero ambiri amwalira ukamatha mpikisanowu, mabanjanso atha!”

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