World Youth Choir Coordinator talks diversification for musicians

KAUMA—Virtual recording has emerged

World Youth Choir Coordinator Dan Kauma has called on musicians to think outside the box and invest in other areas.

Kauma’s remarks come following the struggles that musicians and the creative industry had gone through due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Musicians and other arts players have been on a long break since March due to the pandemic which forced the government to put up strict measures in the fight against the pandemic including a ban on gatherings of more than 100 people.


Kauma, who is also conductor for Lilongwe Community Choir, said the pandemic should teach the creative industry lessons going forward despite the cases going down and things starting to open up.

“As musicians we need to diversity and invest in a number of areas. This can be in the same industry or any other fields. Musicians should start thinking outside the box. We should think beyond concerts at times when it comes to income generation,” he said.

Kauma also said musicians should embrace technology and pay attention to music recording technology.


“Virtual recording has emerged. This skill has to be learned at all cost for you never know what the future might hold. We cannot conclude now that Covid-19 pandemic is going to end but we have to learn to fight it and then use the necessary good skills to advance,” he said.

Kauma also said the pandemic has brought to light the subject of piracy.

“This is the time to learn that piracy is a serious issue that needs urgent attention by the authorities. This time artists are struggling and they would have benefited a lot from recorded music, but with piracy, the story is different and instead pirates are the ones benefiting,” he said.

Copyright Society of Malawi (Cosoma) has been on the move recently sensitising people about piracy.

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