Year to forget


So, how would I, sports wise, remember the year whose curtain goes down today?
Well, I hope to, as quickly as possible, forget this year for the memory bank is full of regrettable and nasty incidents bordering on sheer stand-up Daliso Chaponda comedy.
To quote Shakespeare we are all on a stage. The only difference with Malawi sports fraternity is that there are no spectators but all actors who have, in one way or another, contributed to this drama that has always switched from conflict stage to the climax. No rising stage, let alone decline.
This year, we witnessed how some actors inaugurated Bingu National Stadium (BNS) in Lilongwe by applying some brutal Kung-fu kicks on a top government official right at the not-very-important VIP area.
As if that was not enough, some demonstrated the not-so-fine art of urinating on goal-posts while others buried salt and pieces of pork on the pitch when nearby in Ntandire Township, someone slept on an empty stomach because they did not have ndiwo.
BNS, in every respect, symbolises progress but unfortunately, the facility was planted in a country where, we are centuries behind all we see in the Chinese government-funded structure is a source of metal for making hoes and horse pipes.
Within a year of its opening, BNS has witnessed too many nasty incidents (of course plus power outages and dry taps), including the regrettable stampede that cost the lives of seven children.
I also hope to, as soon as possible, forget that, during the year, four adults, in their collective wisdom, allegedly sold a game for as petty $20 and that we, in the mighty name of juju, could beat up each other at match venues for the offence of pouring water on the pitch.
Lest we also forget that we perfected the illegal business of counterfeit tickets.
This was the year when veteran footballers shone, and it was fun that the TNM Super League race stretched all the way to one but last week of the season, creating all the suspense and drama that you would expect in a top-flight league.
Well done to Be Forward Wanderers, but while all is well that ends well, starving coaches in December is not best of treatments for someone who has won you a silverware you have been missing for 11 years.
Of course, we expect the blue side of town to continue rewarding outstanding players with trips to Japan to inspect cars that are ready for shipment.
Across the town, time is ticking on the no-so-explosive bomb that some gentleman promised. On another front, the sooner there is calm on the needless in-fighting over the take-over, the better for this gentle-giant deserves sanity.
For the Flames, we witnessed the arrival of Ronny van Geneugden from Belgium with a new playing philosophy that has, in 11 games, brought us two wins and counting. Progress indeed.
I wish the Flames all the best but I doubt the team wishes its long-suffering fans the best.
In terms of infrastructure, progress is being made as we want to tamper with our national pride that is Njamba National Park in Blantyre by allocating part of the piece of land to the construction of a new stadium.
Meanwhile, there are signs of progress at Kamuzu Stadium, a facility which has, once again, been allocated time, billions of kwacha to meet the expenses of painting the cracks and that clock that stopped working 30 years ago.
In netball, our-women-our-pride ensured that we were not short of talking points as they quarrelled over every petty pantondo issues that, in the end, embarrassed all of us as the netball Queens hit an all-time low, losing 11 consecutive defeats.

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