Yes, the problem is Malawians


I am blessed to have a few friends outside Malawi that remember to pick a phone or write an email to talk to me once in a while.

Some are fellow Malawians who have decided to stay away while others are non-Malawians but have interacted with me in one way or the other whether here at home or abroad.

The topics are the usual drab affair, ranging from family to career and then children and weather.


But when all is said and done, we go to bread and butter issues of politics in which I give them an earful of the mess the DPP administration has made of this country.

It all ends in one question and it is this.

After I tell them my stories of corruption, nepotism, tribalism, greed, seasonal economy, incompetence and yes, blackouts, there is simply one question that I fail to answer: George, what have Malawians done about it?


Let us take the issue of blackouts, for example. They tell me in no uncertain terms that where they are in Europe, US and even in some African countries, they would not tolerate a blackout that runs even for 30 minutes.

They tell me in no uncertain terms that the central problem is not Peter Mutharika and his band of hopeless and greedy incompetents.

The central thrust of the problem, they tell me, is all of us, Malawians, for allowing them to take care of our welfare even for a day when they are clueless and their minds elsewhere, where they can loot.

We voted them into power in 2014, they remind me. Instead of exercising that power in our best interest, they have abused it in broad daylight and have instead given us hell.

After experiencing this hell on earth, my friends tell me, we have found ways to go around problems just to survive.

If standards of education have gone down, the solution is not to force those that we give our taxes to fix it but to ask the entrepreneurs among us to open private schools where we can send our children.

If the roads are bad, then we force our struggling employers to buy us expensive 4×4 vehicles to take us from point A to point B when we should be driving small and fuel efficient ones.

Indeed, we have the worst blackouts in living memory but we do not go full throttle holding those we pay top kwacha salaries to give us electricity to account for it but, instead, we all rush to install solar panels on our houses or we buy the noisy diesel generators that dot all our streets in cities just to survive.

After this tacit acceptance, life goes on and those that are ransacking our country, while we stand aside and look, get encouraged and continue to do so.

They lord over us and we, as slaves, continue working for them and paying tax so that they should steal it and every audit that the National Audit Office does continue to confirm it and we do nothing about it.

When the Billy Mayayas of this world tell us to go on the streets and put a stop to the abuse that we suffer, we stay away and later mock them on Facebook for being fewer than the police escorting them.

While Pac is advocating the tabling of Electoral Reforms Bills so that, after elections we have a president that we can all be proud of, the DPP administration is ferrying gullible chiefs from all over the country to trash and claim they are speaking on behalf of the people.

Sadly, we still respect such chiefs and nobody takes them to task, even in the villages, by asking whether they did an opinion poll which gave them the mandate to speak against the bill.

The villagers will not do such a thing even when they know that what is motivating their chiefs is nothing else but their belly and that of their families which they fill up after getting paid by a government that has completely lost it.

I have nothing in ammunition to argue against my friends.

We have allowed the DPP government to steal our future in broad daylight and we have gone about our lives as if nothing is wrong.

We have never asked Peter Mutharika to resign or call for an early election if he thinks he still has enough support.

We have never gone to the State House with placards telling him to go.

We have not followed him to his senseless functions that have no bearing on our lives to tell him to pack his bags from our State House and leave us alone with his incompetence.

The gullible among us even praise his name to the sky at such functions, even when they know they will, after the meeting, go to a power blackout caused by this man.

The problem is not him and his lazy bunch of ministers but us and us alone.

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