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You are losing it, Mr President


At the rate President Peter Mutharika is getting embroiled in peripheral issues such as issuing threats to sue people, by the time he completes his term in 2019, he will have sued just everybody who mentions “his name in vain.”

Clearly Mutharika has been busy lately, talking and issuing instruction to lawyers to hurl to court Allan Ntata and just everybody who whispers to nobody about anything concerning the President and his handlers have been quick to defend him that it is his unalienable right to sue anybody who desecrates his name.

That is very true but the President was elected to govern and this means being a soft target for citizens who have might have a bone to pick with him.


In every part of the free world presidents are soft targets and bad press in the name of transparency and accountability.

Barack Obama has endured all sorts of attacks bordering on racism and pure naked hatred and lies but he has never sued anybody.

His birth certificate was dug out to find out where he was born so that he should stand disqualified to be President of the United States but all he does is to joke about it today and has not hired an army of smart lawyers to go in hot pursuit after his detractors and bring them to court to face the wrath of justice.


The reason is because presidents are elected to serve and must remain focused on the job at hand if their countries will go forward.

Hitting the nail on the head, Mutharika is losing it or has lost it. What will he benefit if he wins a defamation case against Ntata and is awarded billions for it?

It is also intimidation to stop us, common citizens, from freely commenting on his performance as an elected official.

As a matter of interest, court cases sometimes may demand that claimants appear in person. Will Mutharika appear if it comes to that to be grilled about the issues that Ntata talks about?

Mutharika and his advisers should be careful with their antics.

The President and his team have said whatever Ntata utters from his base in the United Kingdom is the work of a frustrated person because he did not give him job.

If this is the case, why waste time with him? Ntata largely uses Facebook and online publication Nyasa Times to attack the President. But other citizens too are doing the same. Why go after Ntata only? Why not ignore him just the same way the President ignores all other salacious and malicious stuff that get spewed in the social media just every other minute by Malawians?

Sadly, the President has lost focus at a time he should be keeping a level head and it is telling in the way he is reacting to issues that are a bother to Malawians.

It is clear that government is broke. The signs are there. The officials at Treasury can’t explain why there isn’t just money for anything.

Meanwhile drugs have run dry in hospitals and civil servants are being locked out of offices because of non-payment of rentals and funding to just every other government department is not there.

Instead of looking at the problems straight in the eye, the President allows to be cheated by his dishonest officials that all is well except a few hitches in the supply chain and he gets contented with that.

The President has not even set a foot in any government hospital to see for himself how Malawians are languishing and piling on top of each in wards as doctors look on helplessly after exhausting all avenues due to lack of drugs and equipment.

Instead Mutharika devotes his energies to Ntata’s outbursts as if he is dignifying it that it was true when he has consistently said it is not.

The President is losing it.

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