You are right, Mr President


President Peter Mutharika Wednesday made a stunningly convincing speech during the commemoration of the International Day of Peace at Bingu International Convention Centre.

For all the troubles we have, let us confess, our greatest treasure as a nation is the peace we enjoy. Apart from a few inconsequential scuffles, Malawi has known peace and it is worth celebrating. That is only why we totally agree and commend Mutharika for his incisive and well-thought at speech.

Indeed, Malawi has to safeguard its peace and tranquility for it to move forward. Investors only come to a country where they are assured of security. Even citizens enjoy living in a country where a person is born and dies without hearing the frightening resonance of a gunshot.


And Mutharika also made another good observation that the peace we have may not last long if the culture of provocation, that has now taken root, is left to flourish. He went on to mention some countries that have been torn apart because of provocation.

As usual, the President did not forget to blame his arch-enemies, the media, and, of course, politicians accusing them of being provocative in their operations. How should we agree with this?

Mutharika is right that politicians and the media act provocatively. We believe that, everywhere, when you have leaders who are participating in blatant corruption, nepotism, tribalism, encouraging impunity, arrogance and shielding errant henchmen simply because they come from one’s home, people get provoked just as the media do. So, in trying to hold to account such bad leadership, the media do everything to expose the rot and, indeed, this provokes leaders that are involved in shady deals.


Also, politicians, especially in the opposition, get provoked when they see that the party in power is busy stealing and torturing people. And, in reaction, the party in power gets provoked at the realisation that some people are checking it. Provocation has so many meanings.

So, while we commend the President for his good speech, let us remind him about where the other four fingers are pointing when his index finger is pointing at the opposition and the media.

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