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You are the golden solution

Go on the social media, peruse through the mainstream media and talk to people along the streets, the most common thing remains the same – a litany of sorrows, disappointments, blame games. We have an insatiable appetite for reciting our sorrows as if it were the last thing we can do in life. And listening to stories of the sorrows, one cannot help but get resigned to the fate that nothing can change.

But come to think about it, when extraordinary people see sorrow in security lapses, they do not waste time mourning. They see opportunity to make a difference. They start operating security companies. While most of us complain about intermittent power blackouts, the business-minded Asian community sees business through the provision of generators and solar power equipment. Why is it that Burundian, Somali and Ethiopian refugees are becoming successful entrepreneurs in this country while we, the citizens of this country, can only at best demonise the gold and paradise that we have? They see opportunities; we see gloom. They target at polishing the muddy diamond while we curse diamond masked in mud as something we are too citizen to work on.

To every problem, there is an equal solution but we do not see the solutions as our minds are transfixed at reciting an endless litany of sorrows. We weep and mourn a lot such that we are blinded to the reality of a buffet of solutions that are within our reach.

People that make a difference in life are not cry babies but solution providers. The world has a great demand for people that see greatness in failure – those whose minds strongly believe that impossible is nothing and that there is no one but themselves that can make a difference. To the insult of the lack of objectivity comes the fact that, instead of focusing on solutions, we waste time discussing problems. It is not strange, therefore, that we do not miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

When Mother Theresa of Calcutta saw intense and unimaginable poverty, she did not create a rosary of poverty beads to be reciting each and every day. She provided nursing homes for the poorest of the poor. When William Kamkwamba saw the ravaging side of drought and hunger, he did not waste time reciting poems of poverty and anguish and dejection, he developed a windmill from rudimentary products. Did Mike Mlombwa curse poverty in his home village? Not at all. He walked on foot from Neno to Blantyre in pursuit of a dream. The world has no shortage of people that have made a difference. The point remains the same – they did not achieve as a result of favourable social and economic conditions. They created a conducive environment to foster their dreams.

Forget the economic fundamentals and make a difference. Even when the economy tumbles, there lies in it an opportunity to make a difference. Heroes are celebrated because they provide solutions during the most trying and horrible times. To be a solution provider, walk out of the average jacket that you cherish hanging on your shoulder as your identity.

The fact remains unchanged: You have greatness within you. You were born to be above average. You have the potential and capabilities to be the best the world has ever seen. Remember this: You have 24 hours in a day just like anybody else. Ask yourself:

Why is it that within the very same 24 hours, your friends are able to achieve a lot and you are not? It is like they defy the limitations of time. They put effort in areas that require effort. They are happy to push themselves for a while so as to gain happiness in greater things. The more you concentrate on smaller matters, the more you become a master of minors. Aim big, work big and achieve big. It is possible. You are the solution that you seek in this world. You only have to take decisions that can make a difference.

Anthony Robbins says: “It is true that we cannot control the events of our lives but we can control what we decide to think, believe, feel and do about those events…. Ultimately, it is our decisions, not the conditions of our lives, that determine our destiny.”

Robbins goes on to explain: “If we sincerely want to change our lives, then we have got to make some new decisions about what we stand for and what we are going to do… and what we are committed to doing?”

What do you stand for? Your time to decide is now and you have no choice but to decide to be the solution that this world seeks. Cry no more. Tears are nothing. They are only a comforting wine to a downtrodden heart. Tears have never solved a solution and, surely, they will never. It is by wiping them away and undertaking decisions to reverse the pain we have encountered that matters most.

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