You call this freedom?


Freedom is an abstract word whose practical definition continues to elude many lives around the globe.

It is like a beautiful danceable song whose lyrics remain oblivious to the multitudes who dance to it.

There are many people today who may look happy, go to church, have a good job or good family but their lives lack every definition of the word freedom.


It is possible to live in a free country but not experience freedom in your own life.

It is possible to be outside prison walls and never really feel free.

Personal freedom is far much more deeper and personal than what most of us think.


Some describe freedom as a release from captivity or slavery.

For some, freedom is as simple as rescue from physical bondage or from being confined, enslaved, captured or imprisoned.

For some people, it is all about the ability to act freely: a state in which somebody is able to act and live as he or she chooses without being subject to any undue restraints or restrictions.

One wise man once said this about freedom: “Freedom ranks after life itself as the quintessence of human experience. Freedom defines the man; it stamps the divine image upon him.”

My personal experience has taught me that freedom can be feigned.

Time and time again, I meet people who keep on pretending that things are alright when every particle of their existence is crumbling down.

Sometimes, I have had to ask myself why people will go to church and pretend to be free when chains of all kinds of bondages are evidently all over their lives.

It is a not a weakness to accept defeat in life.

It takes a real man to accept that he is stranded and call for help.

For many people, we would rather pretend happiness than unearth our frailties before other people.

In fact, some people have died from diseases that are curable except they chose anonymity. They died secretly with their illnesses.

I have come to the firm conclusion that it is only Jesus Christ who can truly unshackle sinful man and give man peace and freedom.

John Chapter 8 vs 36 says: “So if the son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”

Without Jesus, human life will never experience true freedom.

When Adam and Eve rebelled against God in the garden of Eden, sin entered our world. What was originally created to be good became corrupted by sin.

And as long as that sin lives, God’s original peace and freedom for man will not be achievable.

Sin takes away freedom.

“Jesus replied, ‘I tell you the truth, everyone who sins is a slave to sin’.” John 8 vs. 34 There are people today who are tortured by memories of their sinful past.

People who fail to enjoy their riches and influential positions in this world because of inward slavery called sin.

It doesn’t matter how appetising sin looks.

It is a trap filled with emptiness, false security and ultimately destruction of life and future. Stay away from it!

Some of you are so unhappy with life.

You are eaten inside.

Your marriage is on the rocks, your boss is a menace, your family is a bother, your health is in jeopardy, nothing seems to work.

You have many unresolved issues within you and sometimes you wish you were dead.

Try Jesus today.

He is the ultimate source of freedom.

You can’t go wrong with Him.

Most people who claim to be free are not free at all; there are mere slaves to sin.

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