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You have everything for success

Patrick Achitabwino

We suffer in the midst of plenty. We get disillusioned in a world where happiness is within touch. We premise our failures based on that others have not helped us to climb the ladder of success. The bottom line is that we all can make it great if we come to cherish our gifts and be the sculptor who perfectly them for greatness.

Count your best three gifts and you will notice that it is in them that your greatness hides. The common error we, humans, make is that we keep on marvelling at how others have worked on their gifts and forget to also chisel our gifts for others to marvel. All the great achievers you admire are no different from you. They live in the same world you live in, they face the same challenges you face. What distinguishes them is that they polished their gifts and made them great.

Consider this. Mahatma Gandhi, a frail, weak man aroused hundreds of millions of his countrymen and brought down an empire with passive resistance.

Robin Sharma speaks of Mahatma Gandhi: “And yet he started out as a very average lawyer with a small law practice in South Africa. It was the pain of injustice which sparked his determination to improve his world and like all high achievers, Gandhi started to work on himself.”

Think of Arnold Schwarzenegger who was just a skinny young man with a shrunken chest and small shoulders when he first entered the gym. Even the financial resources of his family were much slim for survival. He promised himself that he would be Mr Universe in five years and he made it. He realised his gift and perfected it.

Cherish that you speak different languages and that can become your business. You have to work hard on it to become the most sought after interpreter. Cherish that you have a good voice and that can be the Celine Dion in you. Cherish that you are strong; you may, eventually, become the strongest man in the world or even a boxing heavyweight champion or wrestler. If your competence is high in mathematics, work on that more to become the best mathematician the world will admire.

We were born with many talents that we least use. We inhibit and throw away our gifts when we start comparing ourselves with others whose gifts are to the contrary of ours. A world record-breaking cyclist cannot be compared to a corporate executive. Each of them would be great if concentration goes solely on one’s area of competence.

When you realise your greatest gifts, start working on them. Start reading books of inspirational figures that share the same gift. Great political leaders spend lots of time studying the lives of other leaders and that shapes their thinking and changes their focus on harnessing their political ambitions. Chances permitting, ask some of those you admire to be your mentors. By getting in touch with them, you will be inspired first hand, they will be according you lessons you would not have had an opportunity to learn.

Do you have an entrepreneurial gift? Learn to link with Mike Mlombwa, Jimmy Koreia Mpatsa, Dr Thomson Mpinganjira, Edward Kalua, Napoleon Dzombe among others. If you aspire to be a corporate executive and strongly feels that leadership is your gift then strive to be in touch with corporate leadership icons like Dr George Partridge, Vizenge Kumwenda, McFussy Kawawa, Edith Jiya among many others.

If sports is your world then there is no shortage of literature on the success stories of great athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo, Tiger Woods, Muhammad Ali, among many others. passionate about humanity such that you have an innate desire to make the world a better place then you can have inspiration from Mother Theresa of Calcutta. There is no shortage of inspirational figures. Read their stories, watch their documentaries and you will make it.

It is imperative to point out that having the gifts only is not enough; working hard on them to enhance competence is what matters. Great athletes have worked on their competencies for at least not less than 10 000 hours. This manifests that chiselling a gift to stardom requires hard work, patience, resilience and the never-give-up factor. There will be a time when you will feel like giving up on your gifts. No. Never give up. Winners never quit. It is great to notice that most of us do give up at the moment that we are very close to a breakthrough.

Stop complaining, count your blessings. Count your gifts for behold it is in them that your greatness hides. In our gifts, we have everything we need to make it great in life. We have abundance unlimited.

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