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Here is the story behind the founder of KFC. Colonel Sanders built his recipe, that changed the eating habits of millions throughout the world, from a humble beginning. When he started, he was a poor retiree with in mind only a fried-chicken recipe. He owned a little restaurant that was going broke because the main highway had been routed elsewhere.

When Colonel Sanders got his first security cheque, he decided to embark on a journey to start selling his fried-chicken recipe. In his mind, restaurants were better places to sell his recipe on the basis that they would be giving him a certain percentage of the proceeds they make from the recipe.

So tough it was for Colonel Sanders. Yonder he drove to many corners of the country, sleeping in his tattered car, all in a desperate attempt to find a restaurant owner that would look favourably at his recipe. He kept on perfecting the recipe. For 1,009 times he was rejected up until, at the 1010th time, someone said, “let me try” and that marked the beginning of the famous KFC.


As you are munching at KFC, get reminded of the recipes that you have but have been struggling to come to light. Is reasoning your best recipe? Is it public speaking? Running? Singing? Cracking jokes? Strategic thinking? Financial Analysis? Believe you have the recipe, keep on polishing it up until somebody says ‘let me try’.

It is your recipe that will see you rising sky-high on the corporate ladder at your organisation. You are selling to your organisation your recipe. The moment it starts losing its taste, the organisation may consider firing you or buying another recipe from another person on the market. Your recipe is your power. Your uniqueness is your power.

Renowned motivational speaker Anthony Robbins sums up the story of Colonel Sanders with a challenge to you and me. Robbins fires a challenge: “How many of you have a recipe? How many of you have the physical power and charisma of a chunky old man in a white suit? Colonel Sanders made a fortune because he could take massive, determined action. He had the personal power necessary to produce the results he desired most. He could hear the word ‘no’ a thousand times and still communicate to himself in a way that it could be the one where someone said yes.


It is imperative to understand that not only did Colonel Sanders wish to have a recipe but he made it. The challenge for most of us is that we end up wishing and we are devoid of our life of action. We wish to get promoted, yet we do not support that wish with hard work and rectifying of our competencies. We wish to be superstars in fields of sports, yet we take little time to train though it is on record that elite performers must have trained for at least 12,000 hours and that is how demanding it is to reach the top.

We fail to resonate our recipe with our organisation, friends and the corporate world because we give up easily. We live under the illusion that a university degree alone is the highway to a lucrative job. When we are offered jobs that we think are not for the degree material we are, we consider it naïve and give up. We live under the illusion that, when we start a business, then overnight we will win contracts in the very same world where competition is fierce such that when it starts seeming otherwise we give up and bombard the world with excuses that all businesses thrive on corruption and that since we were a start-up with no money, we could not corrupt the decision-makers.

Success is not for the faint-hearted. Success is for those that are ready to work and re-work on their competencies-recipe and take it to many suitors until they make it great. The good thing is that we all have recipes that can be most sought after. We just have to match them to the suitors.

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