You matter


Many people have the belief that what they are now is not what they expect themselves to be. Many people are unsatisfied with the life they live at present.

We eventually end up blaming circumstances, our backgrounds, nepotism, corruption and whatever excuse we may have. But that is not the issue; what deters us from reaching the life of our dreams is that we accept mediocrity, that we offer little when we want more. At times, amazingly, we seek things that require logic means through illogical means. That is where we miss the point.

It is appropriate to believe that you matter; to have a special belief in yourself that ‘if not me, then who else’. You have to believe that you are the best there is and that there is no one better than you in the pursuit of your dreams.


Les Brown was right: “All of us have greatness that gives us the responsibility to manifest our greatness…..and when you know that you are deliberately operating below your potential, you became comfortable, you stopped expanding, you stopped stretching, you stopped challenging yourself…not only is it possible for you to have your dream but it is necessary that you have it, that you work on it, that you develop yourself, that you go for what is yours in the universe.”

Keep on working for your dream. Concentrate not on the failures of the past; it is the future that matters. It is the future where we are going to and that is where our destiny lies.

When you realise that you matter, you become focused, you are ready to die for your dream, you never give up and, in the end, nothing becomes impossible. No matter how small your ideas may seem, never belittle the impact you can have on the world. Remember an ocean is a collection of millions of drops of water. Stewart Chibanda says, due to its vastness, it is unimaginable to have the view that a single drop of water makes up the ocean. When seen from this perspective, a drop of water can no longer be viewed as tiny. That drop of water that looks unimportant is what makes up the important and recognisable ocean. That drop of water has all the qualities of the ocean.


Believe in yourself; believe in your dream. Get encouraged by the fact that everything that we see today once started as an idea and a crazy idea for that matter. This article you are reading, all what you have been studying, all the computers and the planes and the technology that never cease to amaze us started as a simple idea. Never underestimate the power of your ideas. Your ideas matter and you matter too. Never let anyone tell you that what you want to achieve is impossible. Break the rules, follow your instincts. If you follow what others are doing, then you are a follower, take the driving seat, lead dreams and make a difference.

You do not need somebody to tell you that you matter and that you have ideas that the world has been looking forward to. Never believe that it is your past that shapes where you are going and what you can achieve. You are an achiever; you only need to start taking action. Turn your dreams into reality. Ideas without action mean nothing. Talk without action is a mere song to the wind.

Take the initiative to be a practical person. It is the practical side of you that makes a difference. Never get lost in the world of critics who instead of being practical believe that they can change things with mere talk. It is the work of your hands that matter. So many people talk. It is only those that walk the talk that adds value to life and bring a new significance to life.

From now on wards, start looking at things differently. Be like a chef who uses the very same ordinary vegetables to come up with recipes that make them famous. Challenge conventional thinking and that will make a difference. Question the beliefs you have, the lifestyle you live, the achievements you have made and the impediments to the future of your choice. Turn the world upside down then you will start seeing things from a different angle and be a solution provider. You are the one!

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