You told us in 2014 we are a failed state, Mr President


President Peter Mutharika can savage the little that is left of his tattered reputation for his colossal failure to govern and make a difference in the lives of Malawians by doing one thing.

It is to respect our intellect and not take us as fools.

The issue at hand is the debate on whether Malawi is a failed or not.


To me this debate is already settled. While enough ground work for development was laid during the early years of independence, it is quite clear that Malawi is a failed state as our latter leaders especially in the multiparty democracy era have not taken advantage of the early success to come up with vision, plan and strategy to take Malawi and its people out of the deep-sinking hole of poverty and hopelessness.

That is why Malawi anchors any development index anybody cares to release.

In his heart of hearts the present occupier of the State House knows this.


That is why in March 2014, two months before he became president, Mutharika declared to Richard Chirombo of Sunday Times in a wide ranging interview that Malawi is a failed state and he cited the collapsed

health sector and application of double standards when it comes to arresting the country’s citizens on crimes such as one of corruption as examples.

Fast-forward the above to December 2016 and Mutharika is changing tune as he did last week. This time he says Malawi is not a failed state as all signs point to the fact that the country is slowly becoming a great nation arguing a failed state cannot produce a university such as Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST).

By 2014 when Mutharika was saying Malawi was a failed state MUST was already erected at his brother’s plot at Ndata Farm in Thyolo.

The question that the President must answer now for him to tweak colours and tunes and use MUST as an example of progress is: What has changed?

But Malawians know what has changed. It is the fact that Mutharika became president in 2014 and now that he is at State House, he sees progress and development where there is none.

It is only in his head.

My admonition to the President is that he should see what we all see and smell the coffee. The very same things that he was condemning Joyce Banda on, have gotten worse.

The health sector has collapsed. There are no drugs in hospitals and ambulances have been grounded. Because of inadequate funding the districts health officers (DHOs) are deep in debt that they are no longer feeding patients because suppliers are fed up with the non-payment of arrears.

As regards corruption versus selective arrest, the vice has reached platinum grade. The rich and the corrupt connected to the President and his ruling DPP are being protected from accounting for their actions in court.

The Anti Corruption Bureau literally pulls out investigators from probing the vice in bodies such as ESCOM as the top leadership argues against each other on whether such probes were properly authorized or not.

Duly signed warrants of arrests on the corrupt DPP operatives are never executed by ACB after getting orders from the above.

The economy has gone bonkers with Goodall Gondwe at Finance Ministry clueless on how to balance the budget and all he does year in year out is to saddle Malawians with more taxes even on water.

Public infrastructure is breaking down at a supersonic speed with no sign that somebody cares in government.

Blackouts and lack of potable water have now become a norm for Malawians that it is now considered a miracle to have electricity run eight hours non-stop in any household except the State House.

Simply put, the idea that the President somehow has that Malawi is on its way to prosperity is in his head only and bovine baloney to the rest of us.

The prosperity he is talking about for the past two years has happened only to him, his family and his cronies in DPP.

The rest of Malawians are in a worse station they were two years ago when he told us Malawi is failed state.

With him at the helm Malawi is receding to dangerous levels of stagnation and he better get this in his head.

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